Grilled Aubergine, Haloumi, Portabello Mushrooms

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Feb 052017

IMG_4262 Portabello mushrooms are kind of a staple here. My kids, who say they don’t like mushrooms, eat them every time and they gobbled this up! We didn’t have buns, so instead of my go-to Grilled “cheesy” Portabello Tabouleh recipe, I made up this one, and it was so, so good. We ate them alone but would be good with rice or pasta.

2T avocado oil (olive works too)
1T apple cider vinegar (or balsamic)
1t dried oregano
Himalayan salt
2 small or one medium/large eggplant
2 big cloves of garlic, chopped
4-6 portabello mushrooms
1 large can tomatoes
A block of haloumi cheese

How to:
Heat grill to 300 degrees, grease with avocado oil.

Prepare mushrooms: remove stems and chop them, and scoop out the inside of mushrooms. Mix the mushrooms with oil, vinegar, oregano and garlic. Let it marinate.

Prepare eggplant: slice eggplant into 1cm-rounds. Place them on a plate and cover with Himalaya salt. Let them sit.

Place mushrooms on the grill.

Put mushroom mixture in a fry pan and let it cook on medium.

Use a paper towel to get moisture off eggplant and put it on the grill.

IMG_4258Evenly distribute the warm mushroom mix into the portabello caps–right on the grill. In the same fry-pan you’ve been using, heat one large can of tomatoes. Add eggplant once it’s grilled.

Now there’s room to grill the haloumi.

IMG_4265Everything ends up ready magically around the same time. Serve the mushrooms by placing a mushroom on the plate, topping with the tomato-eggplant mix and a piece or two of grilled haloumi on top.