Sep 082010

Recently, I have heard a lot of people saying, “ALL my friends are pregnant.” It happens in spurts, all over the place, in circles of friends everywhere. I have a very special example of this. 4 out of 5 of my roomates in 2007 are currently pregnant.

In 2007 I lived in the most wonderful appartment building in the Glebe in Ottawa. It was an older building, probably the least expensive in this very well-to-do are of Ottawa, but its aesthetic wasn’t what made it so special. It was the girls that lived there. Not a dorm or a sorority house, 114 Glebe Avenue was made up of all 20-something post-grads.

I lived in apartment 6 with two good high school friends, Caitlin and Shannon. In the apartment below us, two ladies from Perth, Ontario, Sarah and Megan. Across the way, Roz and Tobi. We stole Tobi’s internet for a while before we met her and realized she was a sweetheart!

That building has so many memories for all of us. I have never had so much stupid, immature, little girl fun in my life (and this was after university!) Unfortunately, early this year, the building burnt to a crisp!By the time it happened, we had all moved on.

  • Sarah bought her own house in Smith’s Falls and is expecting her first baby like, yesterday with her sweet partner in Carleton Place.
  • I left 114 Glebe and headed to Scotland, then South America before settling down with fiance in Montreal–my baby is due in February.
  • Megan lives with her boyfriend, Zach, in the country. Their baby is due in March.
  • Shannon and Jim’s house is being built in Orleans, their baby is due in March as well.
  • Caitlin left Ottawa to teach in Korea and is now embarking on a lifetime dream of teaching in Uganda. She is mother hen to a lot of babies now. Not only to her friends from the Glebe, but all of her new Ugandan students. Please visit her blog and help her out with a donation if you can.

Surely, there was something in the water at 114 Glebe Ave…