Oct 092015

learner2When I give away or sell my last cloth diaper, I’ll be a happy mama. And it seems we could be close. The jury’s out, on whether Bug will ever be a big brother, but what I do know is he’s transitioning out of diapers and into underwear.

Even though I’ve already seen one kid go from diapers to potty, we don’t exactly have a plan here. When we’re home, Bug is bare butt or in undies. Sometimes he goes in the potty and other times on the floor. I recently dug up the undies we used for Babe when she was learning to use the potty. They have this little padded area in the crotch that possibly catches some of the pee. If you’re a girl. They virtually do nothing for Bug. And to be honest were also a little pointless for Babe.

When I heard AppleCheeks was coming out with “learning pants,” assumed they would be similar, but they of course went above and beyond. They didn’t invent the training pant, but they may have perfected it! Unlike the undies I had for Babe, the absorbent panel covers all the way up to the waist band in the front and the back. This means they work for boys and girls.

And can we talk about the name for a second? Thank you, AppleCheeks, for calling them LEARNING pants, not TRAINING. Kids aren’t supposed to be trained, but they certainly love to learn. Learn to eat, learn to sleep, learn to use the potty. No training necessary!

The absorbent panel is made of two layers of microterry sewn in, covered by the PUL used in AC diapers.

When a child’s getting used to using the potty, I feel like these are better than diapers with snaps. These pull up and down quite easily, while snap diapers like ACs take that little bit too long a tiny bladder might not be able to wait.learner

Bug chose a St. Lucia blue training pant, but they also come in Appletini and Jem.

He wore them the entire first day and used the potty so I couldn’t gauge how much pee these things hold. I put him in a diaper for overnight.

The next day, he was surprisingly eager to put on his big boy underwear. He wore them and just a shirt, and peed, standing right in front of me. A full, 2.5yo 40lb pee. You know how much pee ended up on the floor? None of it. So I guess that how “training” pants are supposed to work.  Truly impressive. They’re not meant to replace a diaper, but in this case they did.

There’s an option for a booster, which I stuffed in once. It’s not recommended you remove it like you might with a pocket diaper. It’s a bit finicky to get in there, but I don’t know how necessary it even is. The learner held a full pee without the booster too. Since then, I’ve left it out.

If the learners are not soiled, they can be washed as regular underwear. If they did catch a poop, AppleCheeks recommends you rinse them first and then wash them as soon as possible. Any solids should be removed prior to washing to avoid staining and to keep the learners clean.

They retail for $21.95CDN. You can buy from your favourite retailer Monday, but first enter here to win a pair!

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Jan 262014
testing the potty at 13mos

testing the potty at 13mos

It’s been two or three weeks. Maybe more, I’ve lost track. Babe no longer wears diapers.

It happened like they said it would. Overnight, when she was ready. Actually, she went to school in a diaper and came home in undies and that was that. I was not patient with the process which probably contributed to how long it took (a month before her third birthday). I even resulted to a sticker book (which, by the way, was useless for us).

I am embarrassed about how impatient I was. I was self-conscious that Babe was still wearing diapers. It was silly, I can say that now. It just seemed like all of her peers were in undies and she still had the cute cloth diaper butt.

I know getting out of diapers is like walking–developmental. Kids walk and use the toilet at various ages. If a child’s bladder muscles aren’t developed enough no sticker chart will help! Still I could hear my mom’s voice talking about all the lazy moms whose kids were still in diapers after two. She never said anything to that effect about our precious Babe but I wondered if anyone was thinking it. My sister and I were out of diapers by two.

She had been doing really well months ago, 10 months to be exact. Right before the birth of her brother rocked her world. Being a Big Girl lost its allure.
I was frustrated because Babe has always hit milestones on the early side. I was annoyed because I hated washing diapers x2. We joked that Bug would wean and use the toilet before Babe would!

Up until the day she stopped wearing diapers I’m quite sure Babe just couldn’t feel that she was going to pee. In the days leading up to her being out of diapers she’d pee and then run to the potty. It clicked like that. The next week she’d run to the toilet before she had to go. And thankfully it ALL makes it in the toilet (I know lots of kids need to poop in a diaper for longer than they need to pee.)

So that’s that. We tried to go diaper free at night time and that was a messy situation. Diego pull-ups for the time being.

This is the post I’ve been hoping to write for a year!

Jan 132012

Should using the potty be rewarded?

I hate the word training.

I don’t think children should be trained to do anything. To me, this especially applies to sleep, but also applies to learning how to defecate in a container instead of cloth, paper or plastic.

I’m not going to pretend I’ve done any research on this and hope to be corrected if I’m wrong, but more than that, I am hoping that some mamas out there can add to the conversation about teaching our children to “go potty.”

Is it really appropriate to clap our hands and cheer when we hear a little tinkle?

Here’s what’s been happening to us lately…

My daughter had a rash, and as we were air drying, she purposely crawled over to a little stool, stood up and peed. I tried not to react. I was annoyed that I was going to have to wipe pee up, but I didn’t want to scare her. This happened twice one day.

A couple days later we were air drying again (kinda fun to hang out naked, isn’t it?) While she stood up and played tambourine while Herbie Hancock blasted in the background (pretty cute, dad would be proud) I noticed some poop sneaking out of her bum.  I was not into to cleaning poop of the ground so I grabbed a tissue, covered her up and dashed to the bathroom where my 11-month-old proceeded to poop in the toilet. It was pretty cool, but I didn’t make a big deal about it.

In the last few days, on the suggestion of some lovely mamas who read this blog (you know who you are!) I’ve been putting her on her potty when she wakes up or after every time I take her diaper off. Sometimes she pees in the potty, sometimes she doesn’t.

This morning, it was her dad who was on diaper duty and he exclaimed, “Her diaper’s completely dry.”

So I put her on the potty and she peed. A lot.

Is it reasonable to think that she dislikes sleeping in a wet diaper so much that she actually held it until the morning? It’s been months since she stopped pooping at night, so why not?

While I don’t have any need for my daughter to be “potty trained” before she’s a year, I figure the more she pees in her potty, the less diapers I have to wash.

What are your potty learning stories? Is it appropriate to give the kid a toy or something while she’s sitting there, or do we need her to focus 100% on the sound of us saying “pssssss….?” Do you feel it’s appropriate to clap, cheer, and congratulate your kid for using the potty?

I keep her potty in her room, not in the bathroom, is that gross?