Self Care

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Nov 232014

camelEvery Wednesday, before I teach a postnatal yoga class at Happy Tree, I try to make it to Christine’s Hatha/Yin class. I love the class and it gets me in a great place to teach all those mamas and babies!

Admittedly, my life is no longer babies, babies, babies. I spend some time away from my family for work and school. I have a bit of me time. I can breathe.
But this Wednesday, something happened. I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should be.
A scenario any working mom is familiar with: I had to leave at 9am. I tried waking at 7:30 to have a shower and make some coffee. As I tried to sneak out of bed, Babe woke up. She wanted to cuddle and I convinced her to cuddle with Bug. She cuddled him too hard and he woke up crying and asking for “muck” (milk).
So then everyone was awake and I spent time trying to peel them off me. I put oatmeal on the stove, did a load of laundry.
Papa was up to his elbows in dishes from the busy days before. I changed Bug’s diaper and got him dressed for the day, which is an intense physical workout. I helped Babe do her hair and searched the entire house for a pair of tights. Heaven forbid she wear cords or jeans. Must always be tights.
Needless to say, I rushed out of the house. I don’t remember if I brushed my teeth
I made it to Christine’s class on time. I noticed a few things I’d rather not be preoccupied with while on the yoga mat. My pants had cat hair on them. Even though my head is shaven, I had bed head (thank you, large-ass mirrors!) Downward Dog gave me a good look at my sad-looking toes. I closed my eyes and followed the rest of the class that way.
It gave us some good talking points our my postnatal class. Self care.
I shared my experience with the students. They shared theirs. There, with their new little babies, these women looked awesomely put together. They came with great ideas–little things they do for themselves to feel… Human. I felt inspired.
We mamas are incredible. We give it all to our kids. Maybe some to our partners. What have we got left for ourselves?
I still need a pedicure.
Please mamas, how do you practice self-care?