I killed the microwave

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Feb 042017
Old school stove works really well to reheat and cook!

Old school stove works really well to reheat and cook!

There’s something I’d been meaning to do. But I knew my husband would be annoyed. We’d talked about in in the past and it was something he didn’t want any part of. So I decided to it anyways and I have no regrets. I killed the microwave.

Okay, I didn’t kill it. It wasn’t violent at all. But I took it out of the kitchen and put it in the basement. I was also skeptical of how we’d live without it.

We used the microwave way more than I ever wanted to. Because it’s there. Here’s the thing about the microwave–it’s convenient. Life is busy and out lifestyle is anything but convenient. We do need to cut corners here and there. But I’d had enough of this. Some people believe microwaves are perfectly safe. I do not. And I’d kept my head in the sand for long enough.

As adults, we all get to make our own decisions about what is right for our families. I won’t even list the reasons they skeeve me out– googling “dangers of microwaves” is a good start, if you’re inclined.

The microwave has been down in my basement for a month. It’s like we never had one. How do we cope? We’d never cooked in it, but we reheated leftovers–especially coffee. Now we use the stove. And it honestly hardly takes any time at all.

I think today is the day we get rid of it for good.

What’s one healthy thing you decided to do for your family this year?