Mama Cloth: a review

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May 172015

mama clothMy 13-year-old self would SO NOT have been okay with the idea of using reusable cloth menstrual pads. Periods are gross and we need to use bleached, disposable products to be clean. Right? Luckily, a few years into my teenagehood I came to my senses and started using a reusable menstrual cup. And here I am in my 30s, just now trying reusable cloth pads.

I asked around for the best pads and got a few different answers. One of which, was the Canadian company, The name came up a few times (I think she chose a VERY good name for her company, as reusable menstrual pads are often referred to as “mama cloth.” I remembered that I had connected with the owner, Meg, a few years ago on Twitter. She was very pleasant, so I approached her to do this product review, now that my period has finally returned. True to her Twitter persona, Megan  is an absolute doll. She is exactly the kind of person I want to support with my purchases. Amid loads of changes at home as well as an injury (her precious hand!) she sent me one of these adorable pads to review. Her pads come in a variety of fabrics and widths and lengths, and the one she sent me to try out is the Organic Bamboo Velour/Organic Hemp/PUL backed 9″ AIO Pad & coordinating PUL Wrapper.

I tucked it away in a safe place and couldn’t find it when my period came around! Luckily, after decluttering a few drawers, it resurfaced. I washed it with a load of cloth diapers and hung it to dry. At which point, Babe, who had many questions about my new Luna Cup, asked, “Mommy, who’s that diaper for?” The birdie motif fits right in with Bug’s Love Happens and Winging It AC diapers.

packageOne thing I love about this particular reusable menstrual pad is that the inside panel is black. That means, if it were to stain, it wouldn’t show when I hung it out to dry. Genius. That black panel is made of the softest velour fabric. I wish all my underwear were made of this!
In terms of absorbency, I find it a little hard to judge. I have just this one reusable pad, so for the majority of my cycle, I used my Luna Cup and at the last day or two, used the pad. I generally like the insertable cup option, and I don’t see myself every fulling converting to cloth pads. But towards the end of my cycle, I like a little break and I’ve been using disposable liners. So obviously Mama Cloth is the better option. Meg’s pads come in a variety of thicknesses, including super thin liners, although the one I have isn’t thin, it’s so comfortable that I have no problem using it as a liner.
Thanks again, Meg, for letting me test out this pad, looking forward to ordering some more!