The Universe of Astérix at Grévin Montreal

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Feb 232017

grevin1On Tuesday night, my family was invited to see the newest temporary exhibit at Grévin, L’Univers d’Astérix à Grévin Montréal.

The invitation was rather vague, and none of us had ever been to the Grévin museum before. We really had no idea what we were in for. We told the kids we were going to see Astérix and Obélix and maybe even the Druïde. Sometimes it’s nice to walk into the unknown. With an open mind and heart. We had no expectations but if we had, Tuesday evening at the Grévin wax museum would have surpassed them.

The Astérix exhibit or “universe,” was the last we saw, and before we got to it, we were fortunate to see all the other universes. My girl’s favourite wax people were Michael Jackson and Montreal’s Mado. My boy was into Lady Gaga and Frankenstein.

My husband, Mike and I were rather on edge at the wax museum. The statues look so real we weren’t sure if they were going to start moving.

grevin2Mike and the kids are huge Astérix fans. He grew up with the movies and passed on his love to the kids. Most of what happens in the movies is lost on me, but they laugh like there’s no tomorrow. The entire museum caters to children (though we had to remind them not to touch, or to be gentle) but there are accessories throughout the scenes, encouraging children and the young at heart to get dressed up and take a photo.

My girl got a little pouty when the Druïde was nowhere to be seen. She went back to the colouring table to finish her picture of Obélix and then we found the Druïde costume hanging up on the wall. Mike put it on and it was one of the best laughs we’ve all had in a very long time.

I really recommend taking the kids out to see this new exhibit while it lasts, it runs until April, 2017.