3 reasons to brew your own Kombucha tea NOW!

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Nov 082015

booch2If you’ve not yet tried kombucha (fermented tea), that’s step one. There’s a great company here in Montreal that brews RISE Kombucha. I love it. But it’s not “donner.” It’s a good one to try though, if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

Once I was hooked, I bought a kombucha starter from them (a mother, mushroom or Scoby) and started making my own. There’s a slight learning curve, but it’s super easy when you get the hang of it. I promise.

I’ll show you the steps in person, if you’re interested, but if you still need some convincing, then here we go:

#1 Taste
Those of us who are “into” healthy eating, eat a lot of things that might not necessarily taste amazing. We do it for the health benefits. Kombucha is not one of these things. The taste is amazing. You get to decide how sour or sweet you like it, how carbonated, and you get to add any flavour you want. Kombucha and or water kefir have replaced pop in many households.

#2 Health Properties 
You’re going to see a debate over this point. Limited research has been done on the health properties of this drink. Who would actually benefit from researching a drink that anyone can make at home for pennies…? But the anecdotal evidence speaks for itself: stories of how this “elixir” prevents cancer, heals ulcers, boosts energy and aids metabolism. What we do know for sure is the organic acids and nutrients in this tasty drink (B-vitamins, antioxidants, glucosamines …) do aid digestion, preserve cartilage structure and and contribute to overall good health. I invite you to come up with your own anecdotal evidence!

#3 Savings
As mentioned above, buying kombucha can get costly. Saving money is one of the biggest reasons I make my own fermented foods. Once you have your Scoby (which you can often acquire for free) the cost to make kombucha is next to nothing. All you need is sugar, tea and water.

boochIf you want to learn how to make your own “booch,” there are a couple spots left in my upcoming workshop. I’ll be servin’ up a great big mama scoby.

Here’s a post about the first time I ever heard of the stuff: Rise Kombucha Giveaway

Mar 162015
Sacred Suenos

The magical Sacred Suenos

Thank you, Rise, for sending us a case which included of each of your flavours, even kinds we had never tried before! The case didn’t last long– we shared one daily until they were all gone, making our way through Ginger, Mint Chlorophyll, Lemongrass, Blueberry Maple, Rose Schizandra and Hibiscus Rose Hips. All the ingredients in these drinks, brewed in Montreal, are organic, fair trade, raw and vegan.

I have to say, the only thing cuter than a four year old saying the word “kombucha” is a two year old asking for it!

What is kombucha? It’s fermented tea. It’s fizzy, often sweet, and full of probiotics. Probiotics = healthy guts for the whole family. Babe happily drinks kefir but Bug skips dairy, so I like to get a little bit of kombucha into him, and he doesn’t mind. Kombucha is an antioxidant, immune system strengthener, it fights agains stress, stimulates digestion, increases energy and balances intestinal flora. Because of companies like Rise, kombucha consumption might be on the… rise… but it’s certainly not new. It was discovered 2000 years ago!
Have I sold you, yet? If you’re wanting to try it for the first time, or already a bit of an addict like I am, Rise is giving away a case of kombucha to one lucky winner in your flavour choice. Read on for details!
The first time I ever tried kombucha, I was three hours up a mountain in Southern Ecuador. I was woofing on a Permaculture farm called a Sacred Suenos.

There was no electricity. It was dinner time and we were sitting around by candle light eating a beautiful soup made of veggies from the gardens.
POP! Or was it BANG!?
Whatever it was it was loud. We all screamed. A gunshot here on our mountain?
Nope. There was too much pressure in the kombucha bottle. It exploded everywhere and the owner of the farm, Yves, brought out a new one. And we all laughed as our heart rates returned to normal and we sipped the fizzy drink. It tasted slightly vinegary but invigorating. I was in love.
The next day, Yves showed us the process of making the fermented drink– “the symbiotic relationship between yeast and a fungus.” I’ll never forget that line.
RISEA few years later, I was living (with Papa) in Montreal and my neighbour gave me scobie babysitting duties while he went away and I unfortunately left the scobie (fungus) sans attention in the back of the fridge. There was something intimidating about making my own kombucha. Maybe I have PTSD from the mountain incident.
As far as fermentation a go, I’ve had great luck with crockpot yogurt, milk kefir (made with powdered cultures as well as kefir grains) lacto-fermented carrots and sauerkraut. Less luck with beet kvass and water kefir. I’d love to try making sourdough bread and of course, kombucha.
I promise to keep you posted on my kombucha making adventures (you can make your own with this recipe), but until I get to it, I’m going to keep on buying it!
My all-time favourite flavour is Ginger (did you catch my Ginger Zinger Kombucha recipe?) although the Mint is a close second. Babe liked Rose Hibiscus (I just realized it’s made from black tea–whoops!) the best and Bug didn’t seem to have a preference.
Enter the copter here for your chance to win your own case of Rise!

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