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I recently wrote about how much the kids and I love Jennifer Gasoi‘s newest project, Blue and Red Make Purple. The CD-book is now available! (As of October 1, 2016). I was so happy to have the opportunity to interview Jennifer, and even more stoked to offer a copy of the book to a lucky Mama Naturale reader. Contest rules at the bottom of the page.

Jenny: Many of the children’s artists I’ve been coming across these days are parents. People like Lisa Loeb or Jewel who get into making music for kids because they’re living in that world. As far as I can tell, you don’t have children of your own—what inspired you to perform and record for children?


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Jennifer Gasoi: I’ve always loved working with kids. I started babysitting at the age of 12, and went on to became a camp counselor, a day camp director, taught piano and voice to children, was a music teacher in daycares, community centers and schools and facilitated mom/baby music groups. I began my career as a jazz musician and singer-songwriter in Vancouver in the early 2000’s. I would play jazz clubs by night and teach music to kids by day. I started writing kids songs for my music classes and decided to record a few of them onto my 4 track. (yes I said it! I’m a 70’s baby) I sent a tape to my 6 year old cousin in Montreal and she didn’t stop listening to it for 2 weeks straight. It was at that point that I realized perhaps I was onto something… and I began writing songs for my first album.

I genuinely love children and care about their well-being. I want to create inspiring, empowering music and experiences for children that spark their imagination, creativity, highlight their uniqueness, and show them that they can follow their heart and passion in life. My children’s songs come from a pure place within my heart, drawing from my own experience of childhood. The wonder, innocence, the beauty, the heart-break too. I write children’s songs from the perspective of little Jennifer, and yet they are infused with the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained as an adult.  Maybe that’s why adults love my music too.

What is your favourite thing about the nature of a child?

The innocence, joyfulness, curiosity, quirkiness and humour. I love their open-heartedness and the fact that they have no filters. There is no censoring or self-consciousness with children, they simply are who they are. They know how to BE. Their essence shines through.  It’s inspiring.

How did the Law of Attraction (or whatever you want to call it) play a role in this beautiful career you have carved out for yourself?

I have always believed that my words, thoughts and intentions have a direct impact on the quality of my life. From a very young age, I would do my best to turn off the radio on a positive word and would end my piano practices on a major chord. Somewhere in my subconscious I was already working with the law of attraction and understood that what I put out into the world would come back to me. Right from the start of my music career I made a decision to stay true to myself, to follow my intuition and guidance, to be the best musician and entrepreneur possible and to always evolve as an artist and human being. Although it has not always been easy, I have stayed true to myself and I have paved a path that has felt honest and authentic. I believe that when we are clear about our intentions, we can more easily attract opportunities, people and situations that resonate with our truth. Having such a strong and clear intention in my life, I have attracted and created amazing experiences. Sometimes I have been very deliberate about what I call into my life and sometimes it has happened more naturally. It all comes down to being mindful, present, heart-centered and aware in my daily life.  It’s a moment to moment practice.

Do you consider yourself a yogi?

I consider myself a fair weather yogi. These days I’m in love with yin and restorative yoga. I have explored many different kinds of yoga over the years from kundalini to power and Hatha.  As I get (slightly) older, I tend to gravitate to yoga classes where I can rest, reflect, and relax my nervous system.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Photo by Philove

Photo by Philove

I like to use the word synchroncity. When I am open to life, in my heart, grounded, centered and feeling “on purpose”,  coincidences or synchronicities have a greater chance of occurring.  If I’m resonating at a high vibration, there is a much greater chance that I will attract beautiful experiences and people into my life.  It takes work to be in this place. It doesn’t happen by chance. I have to work to get into a state of mind/heart where I am not absorbing everything I see, read and feel in the world. When I’m in fear or stressed, there is less chance of these divine occurrences happening. Although there is value in the challenging experiences too. Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, getting out in nature, working with children and exercise helps me stay on track. The more connected I am within myself, the better my life is in general.  And the more often moments of synchroncity and magic occur.  Here are two fun examples that have happened recently. I have a friend who happens to have a vintage 1960’s light blue mercedes.  A while back she offered to lend it to me for a photo shoot. It just so happens it’s the EXACT car in my book. Here’s another synchronistic moment.  Last week I was on Breakfast Television Montreal talking about my book launch, and it just so happens I was wearing red, the couch we were sitting on was blue and the interviewer was wearing a bright purple shirt. I LOVE these moments. They light me up!

Do you believe in magic?

Yes! It’s what makes my world go round!  I could write a book on the magic I experience on a daily basis.  Hmmm….

blue and redHow did you get involved with Secret Mountain?

This is yet another opportunity to talk about synchronicity. When I first moved to Montreal in 2002 and started researching how to do a children’s album, the first CD that I discovered was “Un Trésor Dans Mon Jardin” by the Secret Mountain. It was full of beautiful songs that kids and adults alike could enjoy. This has become one of the most important aspects of my music- its universal quality.  Not only did I love the songs and arrangements but I was so impressed by the recording quality and the quality of the packaging and design. This was my marker for how I wanted to approach making my own children’s album.  And apparently it worked! I was nominated for a JUNO and won a Gold Parent Choice Award for my debut album Songs for You.  Fast forward 14 years:  After winning the Grammy for Best Children’s Album for Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well, the publisher of the Secret Mountain, Roland Stringer, contacted me and asked if I would like to collaborate on a book/CD. This was a full circle moment.

What can you tell me about putting together the new CD-Book?

Putting this book together was a wonderful experience. It’s the first time I have ever been part of a collaboration with a team. Eureka! Roland and I met last summer and started brainstorming ideas for the book. From day one we had a great rapport, a mutual respect and we agreed upon a concept very quickly. We decided to take 12 of my existing songs and create a fun, interactive musical guide that teaches kids about 12 different genres of music. I wrote the content for the book, giving historical background for each genre, activities and offering incite into how I write songs. I discuss everything from rhythm sections to scatting, to creating didgeridoo sounds.

This was a beautiful team effort – Steve Adams illustrated the book, Ruth Joseph was the editor, Stephan Lori was the creative director and Roland Stringer spear-headed the project. Everyone brought their unique talents to the table to create Blue and Red Make Purple. 

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The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, October 5. Good luck!

Jennifer Gasoi’s new musical adventure. We love that Blue and Red Make Purple

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Sep 022016

My kids love music. They play the music we have in our collection (as I’ve written before, Babe’s fave these days is Tom Petty, while Bug leans toward Bob Marley). They make music with the instruments we have at home, whether it’s a drumkit, glock, trumpet, guitar or ukelele. And both kids have their own CD collection of music made just for children.

Some of their faves include Raffi and Lisa Loeb. Montreal’s Jennifer Gasoi is at the top of 5.5 year old Babe’s list. We saw Jennifer perform a couple years ago at Montreal’s Folk Fest where we bought Her Grammy-winning Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well. We listened to it every single time we were in the car for about a month. Then it sadly and mysteriously went missing.
blue and redWhen I saw The Secret Mountain (who never dissapoints) was publishing a book of Jennifer‘s songs, called Blue and Red Make Purple: A musical journey with Jennifer Gasoi, I was so excited to offer it to my kids. And I think any parent who sees it will likely feel the same.
There are 12 songs on this new Storybook-CD, most of which are on the one we lost. A few of them also come from Jennifer’s first album, Songs for You. Babe was thrilled to rediscover some of her favourites, “All Join Hands” and especially “Purple Man.” It’s definitely her favourite on this new CD. The very last words of the very last song, are from the Purple Man himself (voice by the super-talented Patrick Vetter), saying, ”Blue and red make purple!” The perfect name for a Storybook-CD. In this song, listeners get to hear a variety of musical genres in a pretty purple package.
As she grows, my girl’s attention span does too, but I was admittedly very impressed as she sat in a chair and listened to the entire 34-minute CD, changing the pages with the change of every song. And then, she wanted to do it again.
Photo by Philove

Photo by Philove

The pages of this book are so so so beautifully illustrated by the talented Steve Adams, who illustrated one of our family’s all-time favourite books, The Boy Who Grew Flowers (Barefoot Books).

The pages at the back of the book might be by favourite part, where kids can learn about blues, jazz, calypso, folk, klezmer, Dixieland, gospel, Cajun and bluegrass. This part of the book is so precious to me. Styles and genres indentification comes up a lot in our house as like, the funnest game ever. Papa (aka Michel Berthiaume) is a jazz musician, and we’re always listening to jazz, rock, R&B, pop, classical… Babe is already able to identify a lot of these things are her own, but the pages of this book lets us go even deeper with the musical education. In these paragraphs, there is also an explaination of each of the songs, and questions like, Can you identify the kind of horn playing the solo? and Can you identify the theme of Baby Blue?
I was impressed to learn that Jennifer wrote the text for these pages, in addition to writing and producing all the music on the CD. She’s backed up by some of the city’s finest musicians, including John Sadowy, Rich Irwin on drums and Ron Dilauro on trumpet. The tuba player, Chris Smith, is quite possibly my daughter’s first crush.
When I ask Babe to help me review this CD she said, “She sings good, like Katy Perry.” Hey, everyone’s intitled to their own opinion!
Blue and Red Make Purple is set for release on October 1st. Watch this blog for an exclusive interview with Jennifer, and a giveaway of this awesome new CD.