Jan 172013

How often do you pop onto someone’s blog and come upon a post that apologizes for the lack of updates? It happens all this time. I imagine especially in the Mbreastfeedgrafittiom Blogging world because, well, moms get busy. This is my post about being busy. In case it’s dramatically affected anyone’s life.

We went on a really nice, long vacation this holiday season, even managing to sneak out for a two-night honeymoon, leaving Babe behind with her grandparents. We were visiting them on Vancouver Island, and took the opportunity to check into a spa (yum, pregnancy massage) go caving! and for walks in some of BC’s most beautiful forests. Has anyone been to Cathedral Grove?

This pregnancy’s ticking along nicely. Babe is up to some pretty cool tricks. My favourite phrase: “Be back in a minute.” She started saying this before trying to dash away at the airport…

We’re starting to get back in the groove now that we’ve been home for a while, but things are busier than ever. Babe is still in daycare only a few mornings a week. I’d like it if she stayed there all day sometimes, like every other kid in Montreal, but she still don’t dodo without her milkies (my boob in her mouth). It’s sweet and all, but…

I could use a little more time to work. I have steady enough writing gigs, but what’s taking up more of my time these days is school. A few months ago I decided to work towards becoming an IBCLC. Many people who certify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant already have a nursing degree or at least credits in a similar field. I got nuthin. In four years and three different programs, I didn’t pick up a single transferable credit. So it’s back to the drawing board.I am slowly but surely enrolling in prerequisite courses so that in the next few years I can start studying what I’m actually interested in doing: Helping moms breastfeed.

Those of you who know me probably agree that it’s a perfect fit. Can you tell I think breastfeeding is great? After giving birth I knew I wanted to help mamas during the important first while of being a mama. I trained as a doula. I did a couple births. It’s something I might one day return to, but at the moment, the politics of birthing at the hospital make me way to aggravated to be able to do the job properly. Being a doula is really hard work and takes someone with really tough skin.

Anyways, after some soul-searching, and volunteering with Nourri-Source Montreal, I realized that becoming an IBCLC is probably the best idea I’ve ever had. There is a lot of work that needs to be done between now and the time I write the exam. And with Baby2 on the way, I don’t know when I’ll get there. But I’ll get there.

In the meantime, please excuse me if I post a little less frequently!

May 302011

I can’t say I ever thought I’d be blogging about my nipples. But since I became pregnant, I have realized that the reason women have boobs is to feed our young. Something normal, natural and not sexual, I am very happy to talk about my burning, irritated nipples.

The question is, do you want to read about them?

The thrush I was sure I had two weeks ago went away with the use of APNO cream for about five days. But guess what? The pain is ba-ack.

It seems thrush is difficult to diagnose. Many doctors don’t know about it which leaves some breastfeeding mamas suffering for months before they consult an IBCLC.

I spoke to my Nourri-Source support mother and two IBCLCs and there is no consensus. I might have thrush, I might just have eczema on my nipples. It could be the laundry soap I am using.

Regardless of what’s going on, feeding my baby hurts and I need to find a solution!

So, we are following some of the steps in Dr. Jack Newman’s Candida Protocol as well as a couple of other precautions to cover every base we can think of.

  • Using the APNO cream last time I had this irritation really helped, so we’re doing that again (for no more than 10 days)
  • I’ve also started taking Grapefruit Seed Extract in my orange juice (wow, it really is bitter!)
  • My Support Mother’s suggestion, probiotics
  • Disposable breast pads in case the irritation is caused by my laundry soap
  • APNO and clean pads after every feeding
  • Ensuring baby has a good latch every time

We have the Gentian Violet on back-up in case it definitely is thrush, we’ll need to cure her too, right?

And away we go!