Easy Peasey “Cheesey” Parsley Pesto and Pinto Bean Pasta

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Jan 312016

pestoWell, the friends of mine who are professional food bloggers will probably cringe at the recipe name. I think it’s perfect.

It seems this mama has “gone veg” again. I was a vegetarian for most of my life, and started eating it around the time Papa and I got together. Then pregnancy, kids, life, I kept it up because it was easy and convenient. Recently, probably not coincidentally coinciding with the new Hatha Yoga teacher training I’m taking, I decided now was the time. I’ve been practicing following my gut and my gut said, let’s go.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I am curious as to what effect, if any, this is going to have on my health. I don’t think vegetarianism is for everyone, and I also don’t think Paleo is, either. I’ve made this decision for reasons that are far from the possible health benefits of vegetarianism. As a meat eater, I actually felt quite healthy. What I do know about Ayurveda, is that with as much fire (Pitta) as I have, vegetarianism will probably be a good fit. So, here I am, a week back to it, feeling very good.

There is still meat in the house, but I don’t imagine myself cooking it every night anymore. This week, the rest of my family has eaten meat a few times, mostly on nights when Papa is in charge of supper. Tonight I made another quick vegetarian meal. It was so quick and so good that I wanted to share it here. Everyone had seconds!

1-2 cups soaked and cooked beans (any kind, including chickpea would be great) a can is fine too!
2-3 cloves of garlic
1/4 – 1/2 cup pine nuts (I’ve used walnuts before, they’re cheaper and very yummy)
A big bunch of parsley (you can sub with anything green, or even a mixture of different greens)
Good oil (I used avacado)Nutritional Yeast
Salt, pepper
Pasta of choice. We tend to use Quinoa a go-go’s gluten-free macaroni

How to:
Boil water for pasta
Meanwhile, wash greens, removing stems if applicable
Put peeled garlic cloves and nuts in food processor and whirl it around for a while
Add greens and continue to pulse until everything is chopped finely
Drizzle in your oil as the food processor is on. After a little while it will become creamy and look like store bought pesto!

When pasta is almost ready, add beans in the pot to quickly heat them.
Strain beans and pasta
Put oil in the pot and return pasta and beans to the pot, adding the pesto to coat the pasta and beans
Serve with Nutritional Yeast, Salt, pepper or chili flakes if that’s what you’re into.


Ogre (okra) Stew

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Jul 162015

okra3Okra is a pretty cool veggie. It’s appearance alone is an entire blog post. The texture, a second post. It’d had been a while since I used okra and was honestly a little worried my non-picky kids would dislike it. It can be slimy. So before introducing them to this new vegetable, I took slime-reduction measures, and soaked it for a while in some water and apple cider vinegar.

The kids loved to hold and feel the okra before I chopped it– we decided they looked like ogre fingers and named the recipe ogre stew. Of course, no ogres were harmed in the making if tonight’s vegetarian meal. I love the way it looks when cut open– like little mandalas.
Not only did they not hate it, the whole family loved it. I hope yours will too.
okra23tsp ginger, peeled and grated or finely chopped

okra13 cloves garlic, chopped
One small onion, chopped
Coconut oil or replacement
1t cumin, turmeric
1T curry powder
1 big can diced tomatoes
2 cups chick peas, soaked and cooked, or one can
Handful of kale, washed and broken in bite-sized pieces
Salt and chili flakes to taste
A few cups of okra (I had 30 pods) chopped in less than one centimetre rounds
  2 T ACV
How to:
Wash and chop the pods. Leave them to soak in a big container of water and add the ACV. If you can do this ahead of time and let them soak for at least an hour, great.
okraMelt oil, fry onions, garlic and powdered spices
Rinse the okra. Rinse it again and again and again. I wasn’t able to get rid of all the slime. Babe watched it oozing out of the strainer. Definitely added to the ogre factor!
Add to the pan and fry a little while
Add tomatoes and chickpeas and let everything simmer until the okra is desired consistency
Add kale in at the very end and steam it until it wilts