Easy Peasey Coconut Curried Cod (gluten and dairy-free)

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Jul 292015

fish2I never loved eating fish. There are all kinds of ethical and political and environmental and spiritual reasons one might not like to eat fish. That’s some of the reason, but I actually don’t like that “fishy” taste. I don’t even like vegetarian sushi. But I discovered that fresh, white fish, doesn’t have a fishy taste. Even more so when you douse it in coconut and curry! This recipe is good for people like me and all the toddlers who also don’t love the taste of fish. Like all my recipes, this was an experiment that turned out so awesome. I use it every couple of weeks, and it’s pretty much the only way I cook fish any more.


5T coconut flour
3T curry powder
3T shredded coconut
4 filets MSC cod, haddock
Coconut oil for frying

How to:
Mix flour, coconut shreds, curry powder
Heat a generous amount of coconut oil. Think shallow deep-fry!
Press each filet into the mix, covering both sides really well
Fry each side for 5-7 mins, being very careful when flipping
This recipe has just enough curry for parents to find it interesting and enough coconut to tone town the spice so the kids can enjoy it too.
Please let me know how your family likes it.