Nov 132016

bb2There’s been a bit of a buzz about this new eco-friendly way to wrap things up. Something that’s like cling wrap, but not the least bit wasteful. And to be honest, I thought it was a little too good to be true. But when Margaux, owner of Montreal’s B Factory sent me some of her products, I saw for myself that good things do come in…reusable packaging.

Margaux makes food wraps out of cotton and beeswax. The products she calls sandwich wraps can certainly be used for sandwiches, but chez moi, we use them for so much more. I send Babe to school with crackers, cheese, just about anything wrapped up in a pretty little pouch.

We use  the other wraps, which she calls ‘Food Wraps’ for all kinds of things too. I often use them to cover bowls that I put in the fridge, or salads that I bring to a potluck party. You can use the wraps for any kind of cut fruit or veggie. They help keep cucumbers and fresh herbs fresh. You can use these wraps in place of anything you might want to use a plastic bag or saran wrap.

beeBeeswax has a natural antibacterial property that keeps food fresh, and the product is also breathable. The wraps can eventually be composted, but they have years of life in them. Maintenance is easy beezy, too. You just rinse them in cold water, adding a little soap if you need to. You can store them folded in a drawer, but Margaux suggest rolling them and putting them in a jar on the counter in the beginning, until you remember about this awesome new thing in your kitchen

If you think this is something you’d love to get your hands on, check out the B Factory website, and enter the contest to win. Margaux is generously giving away 1 Starter (16$), 1 Large (18$) and 2 sandwich (13.50$ each). A 51.00$ value.


How to enter:

  1. Like B Factory and mamanaturale on Facebook
  2. Comment on the original Facebook post—why you want to try out this cool new product, and which sandwhich wraps you want. You can choose from the Fall/Winter collection or Pink Dot.
  3. Share!

Good luck!