Spring has (kinda) sprung- Yoga Spring Newsletter

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Mar 022016

mittens3When we think of Spring, don’t we think of birds chirping, buds blooming, and babies being born? I do. We may still have loads of snow, but I know so many of you have recently given birth! Congratulations to all the new parents who are (or might be) reading this!

I wanted to send you information on a few things that are coming up in the next couple of months, whether you’re still pregnant or your baby has made it Earthside already.

I’m so happy to be able to extend the invitation to the Baby Massage class I’ll be running at Happy Tree in April. You can come as of four weeks postpartum, and babies are even welcome if they’re crawling (keeping in mind they are less likely to lay still). More info here.

I also have two more dates for Couples Yoga Birth Workshops: Sunday, March 13 and Sunday, May 22
You can sign up to Happy Tree events here.

In May, Melanie Faucher and I will be hosting a workshop on Yoga for Diastasis Recti at Espace Shanti. More details to follow.

I have recently opened up two morning where I am available for Postpartum Doula Services/Yoga Therapy. If you’re coming into Espace Shanti for consultation, you can book online here. If it’s for a home visit, please email me to discus exact times: jennyberthiaume @ gmail.com or call me 514.318.4566

Finally, here is my ongoing schedule for the next few months. You’ll find Yin Yoga, Babywearing Yoga, Mom&Baby and Kids Yoga here.

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Om Shanti, light and love,

For more information on the packages I’m offering, you can visit www.bonadeayoga.com or call 514.318.4566

Help build the Peace Cafe!

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Nov 142014
Building community

Building community

Caffè della Pace: Peace Cafe. How beautiful does that sound?

A space in Montreal that will provide prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, community, a warm place where women from all over can find friendship.

This is the dream of Rivka Cymbalist, my friend, and the doula who attended Bug’s birth and helped me with so much healing.

Since moving to Montreal, 16 years ago, Rivka has witnessed over 400 births and facilitated free doula services for several hundred more through her organization Montreal Birth Companions. Now she’s onto another chapter, Peace Café.

“This has been my back-burner dream for almost 10 years,” she said. “Up until last February, my dream was to get my CPM certification, but then I got it (yay!!) and now I am focused on this huge and wonderful project, Caffè della Pace.”

Rivka said she speaks to many women, from so many different walks of life, all of whom have different needs. “Everyone is looking for a place they can come to and feel comfortable,” she said. “One woman needs a place she can get away from her kids and sit without interruption; one woman needs a place she can come and see other mothers; another needs a place she can have a postpartum group and learn ‘something interesting’.”

The cafe will also be home base for MBC, the doulas currently rent spaces all over the city.

If you’d like to help MBC find a place it can call home, Rivka has launched a fundraising campaign. More details can be found here.