Sep 212015

Disney-on-Ice-Treasure-TroveMy parents took us to Disney World when I was 10 and I loved it. But my teenaged self swore that if I ever had kids, they wouldn’t watch Disney movies and they certainly wouldn’t go to Disney World. I also knew my daughter would never own a Barbie. Among other things I thought before I had kids.

Turns out Babe loves Barbie (that’s a whole other blog post). She also loves Frozen and a few other Disney movies. We own a lot of them, though many of them are not appropriate for her age and certainly not for Bug. But Frozen, oh my we have watched that one a few times. I admittedly love it too! Especially Kristoff. So I didn’t mind, one bit, when last year, Babe’s grandparents bought us tickets for Disney’s Frozen on Ice. We had a mother-daughter date that she still talks about.

When we were invited to the launch of Disney On Ice’s Treasure Trove, I couldn’t wait to tell Babe. She’s been asking to go see Frozen on Ice again since we went. She knows we’ll get to see Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Tiana, Mulan, Snow White and Rapunzel (while she hasn’t seen Tang;ed, she’s trying to grow her hair at the moment and says Rapunzel’s is nice but a little “exagerer.” I’m looking forward to seeing the Lion King characters, my childhood favourites, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.


Babe and me at Frozen on Ice

The show is basically a mish mash of all kinds of Disney movies that my kids, myself and Papa will recognize. But that’s not even the thing I love about these Disney on Ice shows. It’s the skating. These skaters are amazing!I haven’t seen Treasure Trove yet, but if it’s anything like the Frozen show, it’s top-notch quality, filled with music from the movies that we all love, even though we don’t want to admit it. I love the song Let it Go. I love Can You Feel the Love tonight. Actually, the entire Lion King Soundtrack.

As I’m writing this I somehow just remembered that my mom used to take me to the Ice Capades. I loved that like I loved Disney World. Look at me sharing these things with my kids too. And so can you. I’m giving away a pass for a family of four to see Treasure Trove at the Bell Centre on Wednesday October 7 (French) or Thursday October 8 (English). To enter, Like mamanaturale on FB and comment here on the blog with your or your child’s favourite Disney character. You can tell us why, if you want. You’ll get a second entry for sharing, just please be sure to remind me you did so on the FB post. Contest closes Sunday, September 27 at midnight. Good Luck and maybe see you there!