Nov 162014

delishmasA year and a half ago, I was a bit of a mess. I was at the height of my PPD/anxiety. I was scared to leave the house with my two kids. I didn’t drive (I had my license but was terrified to get behind the wheel). I was dependent on a lot of people.

So a day like today felt like a triumph! I loaded up both kids into the car. I drove us to AppleCheeks HQ where I got to visit some friendly faces. And of course I bought a few diapers. (A little slow on Boo!, but let’s be honest, Bug will likely still be on diapers next Halloween!)
From AC, the kids and I went grocery shopping. Something I always found daunting solo, never mind with a toddler and a preschooler. They bickered, as they do, something that has a tendency to stress me out. But not today. I was that mom. The smiling, patient, cheerful mom. A triumph. Look how very far I’ve come, I thought to myself.
Babe and Bug sat in the grocery cart and ate DELICIOUS Christmas oranges. In my purse, I had my newly acquired Delishmas. What a glorious moment.
lineupWe got home and no one wanted lunch (too many oranges) and no one wanted to nap. I stopped being the calm and collected mom I was at the grocery store. Just for a moment. But we all regrouped and made some homemade playdough.
With a light and happy heart today,  I and wanted to pass along a Delishmas to a lucky mamanaturale reader, courtesy of Amy and Ilana.
To enter the Delishmas giveaway, please leave a comment on this post about a personal parenting triumph. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just a moment in time when you felt, “Hey, I’ve got this.”
Good luck!

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