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I don’t need to be your best friend

No one likes to be hated. No one likes to be told they are a horrible person. No one likes to be told they are a bad mom. I get it. I don’t like it either. (I should add that … Continue reading

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Rock-a-bye Toddler…

Yeah, I rock my 6-month-old to sleep. Got a problem with that?! At 6-months-old, our 20lb child still goes to sleep one of two ways: Either by being nursed to sleep or rocked to sleep. These days, sometimes it takes … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry it Out, Laugh it out!

As we experiment with an earlier bedtime, sleeping arrangements and alternative ways to help the baby find sleep, I am often a little frustrated these days (to say the least!) Sometimes I wish I could ‘harden my heart’ and put … Continue reading

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