Jun 292015

Whether you’re a yogi, or a mama who spends her days in yoga pants (or like me—both!) check out these gorgeous tights made in Montreal by Cadeauté. And there’s a pair up for grabs!


cadeaute2The first time I noticed Cadeauté’s designs was at Happy Tree Yoga. The studio’s boutique stocks the brightly coloured pillows (for your bed and your eyes!) as well as the sweetest little notebooks. Every time I went into the studio, which became more and more frequent, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Barbara’s stuff. Her designs pop out at you, even when you’re looking in another direction. They’re unavoidable (in a great way!) I bought one of her little notebooks, which I still keep tucked in my yoga bag always. In it, I keep dreams, thoughts and inspirations for upcoming classes.

I started to quietly follow what Barbara was up to. I saw a successful indiegogo campaign. I saw lots of beautiful pottery. Then I saw she was going to release a yoga collection.

Inspired by a recent trip to India, Barbara came back with inspirations for designs that were very different from her florescência patterns, but they are unmistakeably hers. She told me the most inspiring thing about India is, “The joy of the people and their colourful way of living. All that beauty remains despite all the misery.” When the yoga line was complete, on Facebook, she released one new pattern of leggings at a time, leaving people more excited than they knew they could be about spandex! Myself included! I saw her table at the Yoga Festival Montreal, where she launched the collection, and I knew I needed a pair, but I wasn’t sure how on earth I’d decide which ones I wanted most. I picked the purple Peacock ones, and they’re perfect.

Cadeauté‘s leggings are so fun that it would be impossible to be grumpy while wearing them. They are my magic tights. I believe that clothing is supposed to make you feel good and make you feel more like yourself and these tights certainly do the trick. This morning, Babe asked me if I can save them for her when she gets older. I promised I would. I wonder if I’ll be wearing tights when I’m 60. If they make me feel this good than I just might be!

I’ve worn the leggings a few times now and I got compliments every single time. People come up to me to touch the fabric and remark at the thickness. They really are high-quality and thick. You know what that means? No one can tell if you’re wearing granny panties or a thong when you’re in Downdog. Moreover, unlike a famous brand of yoga attire that will remain nameless, no one can see the pattern on your underwear through your tights!

The real test, however, was to see how they’d hold up in a hot yoga class…

cadeaute3I admittedly don’t know a whole lot about fabrics. I tend towards natural materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp, but those don’t do so well when you’re sweating in Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana. So I end up wearing tights and a tank top to the weekly detox flow classes I take at Happy Tree. I usually walk out of those classes completely drenched and my legs feel disgusting. But my magic Cadeauté tights, a Polyspandex blend, didn’t have that effect. I hardly felt wet at all by the end of that class and there certainly were no sweat stains. I want to know when the shirts are coming out!

The pants also retained their stretch throughout the class, which many tights simply do not. As I told Barbara, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than baggy tights. Except maybe baggy socks. On that note, these tights are very special because of the option to slide the bottom over your heel. So cool!

For me, the best thing about wearing these tights in a yoga class is observing the symmetry. Maybe I was supposed to be focused on other things, but because these tights were brand new, in last week’s detox yoga class, I couldn’t help but notice with every posture how my legs always found their mirror image. Chair pose—symmetry. Forward fold, hey, look at that! Happy Tree has lots of mirrors, so I even saw how postures like butterfly matched up between my thighs! See, how fun is that? Too much fun, maybe. But clothes and yoga are supposed to be fun. All of the tights in this collection are perfectly symmetrical. In case you’re as excited by that as I clearly am!

The fabric is manufactured in Canada and they are printed with Eco-friendly water-based dyes that are both safe for children and the environment. They are also sewn by hand in Montreal. The sell for $70 which is an incredible price. The quality of these tights is way higher than anything I’ve seen and they are not made in a sweatshop.

cadauteI asked Barbara, who I am lucky to know IRL a couple of questions about the line and was thrilled to hear her answer.

“Cadeauté is the place where all the things that I love or inspire me and are part of my life meet. As a yoga student, it made sense to marry my love for yoga with my passion for creating. I also saw a huge gap in the yoga prop and clothing market in terms of finding colourful and unique designs. Most yoga pants and bolster cases are made with dark solid colour fabrics, and I find that the yoga practice should always be fun and joyful, so why not create a line that inspires people to have fun and feel joy?”

Thank you Barbara, for making clothing and accessories that are making people like me smile. Mission accomplished!

Bridal satin rose eye pillows and velveteen bolster cases with the same patterns are also available. You can check out Cadauté here.

To win your own pair of leggings, visit Cadeauté on Etsy, get the link to your favourite leggings and include it when sharing this post. Make sure to write on public mode so we can see your post. Extra chance to win if you share it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CadeauteYoga. Contest closes Monday, July 6.

Namaste and good luck!