Mama's Chicken, pear, chickpea tajine--Easy and fast!

Mama’s Chicken, pear, chickpea tajine–Easy and fast!

I’m going to be honest. I don’t really know what tajine is. I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. When my Moroccan friend posted on Facebook that she’d made a chicken and pear tajine and wrote a loose recipe on her page, I couldn’t help but use it as motivation to cook that […]

Mama's spicy chickpea, root soup

Mama’s spicy chickpea, root soup

Babe had a cough at daycare and it stopped almost instantly when her teacher gave her some chickpea, ginger, carrot soup. I have no idea what the recipe was, but Babe’s enthusiasm prompted me to make this recipe for dinner that same night. I added no dried spices, though allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg etc. would probably […]

Mama's veggie lentil rice

Mama’s veggie lentil rice

I’ve been making a version of this dish for years and decided it could use a bit more excitement–and nutrition. Lentils are great, but just like with my Root Veggie Dhal, adding a bit of veg made this dish that much yummier, and healthier! Ingredients 4T oil (coconut, olive, whatever) 1 med onion, chopped 2 […]

Ginger Zinger kombucha drink

Ginger Zinger kombucha drink

Babe was coming down with some sniffles. I whipped this up and we all reaped the benefits. It might have been a little too spicy for the kids but it seems to have kicked the sniffles! 2 cups Ginger Rise kombucha 1″ ginger, peeled 2 carrots 1 orange Blend in a Blendtec,or other blender until […]

Mama's meatballs (gluten, dairy-free)

Mama’s meatballs (gluten, dairy-free)

The other day someone on Facebook said they were making meatballs and I got a craving. But the last time I made meatballs was with crappy store-bought breadcrumbs. I know people make meatballs with cheese as the binder, but that doesn’t work for us anymore, either. Then I came across a recipe that used the […]

Orange Root Veggie Dhal

Orange Root Veggie Dhal

We’re still in the thick of winter where I live, in Montreal. We’ve been devouring comfort foods like stews and roast chicken. Other comforts for my family include curries and root veggies. While a regular dhal is pretty nutritious on its own, I decided to make a recipe which would include a few filling root […]

Mama's Aloo Ghobi

Mama’s Aloo Ghobi

I want to preface this by saying if your mama is actually from India, her Aloo Ghobi will taste better. This is my quick version of it. My kids thought it was great! As with all of my recipes, these are guidelines. I don’t really measure exactly and feel like it takes the fun out […]

Dairy-free lasagna recipe + Daiya dairy-free cheese giveaway!

Dairy-free lasagna recipe + Daiya dairy-free cheese giveaway!

Papa said it best the other day. Isn’t gluten-free, dairy-free “grilled cheese” kind of missing the point? It kind of is. Like a vegetarian that eats soy meat. I was a vegetarian for my teen years and my mom was good about it, using things like veggie ground round to simulate the meat the rest […]

Gramps' gluten-free wonton soup

Gramps’ gluten-free wonton soup

We’re visiting my parents in Comox, British Columbia and there are more than enough gluten and dairy free options in the fridge here. When cooking for all nine of us, they’ve been making a special gluten, dairy-free recipe for Bug and me. For example, Gramps’ Gluten-free wonton soup. Warning: unlike most of the recipes on […]