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Weaning for work

The other day at the park, I had the same conversation I’ve had many times before with a random mom. It always catches me off guard and I might seem rude but really I just don’t follow the logic. Blah … Continue reading

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Overcoming depression, breaking the cycle

Guest Post by Cristina Cavalieri D’Oro Depression/suicide has been in the news lately after the death of the wonderful actor Robin Williams. I wanted to share my personal experience with this and what I did to overcome it in the … Continue reading

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Momzelle Christine review and FREE $25 giftcard!

I’m in a stripey mood these days. The last three dresses I’ve bought were striped. Babe has similar articles of clothing as well and I think it’s funny/awesome when we match. Because I’m feeling so stripey, I was thrilled to … Continue reading

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8 Reasons to Cosleep

Guest post By Dr. Jack Wolfson For millions of years, moms have slept near their offspring. Modern society has gotten away from co-sleeping and bed sharing for a variety of reasons. A recent study prompted the media to have a … Continue reading

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The portable family bed

We recently took a vacation to Ottawa, where I’m from. In seven days we visited all kinds of friends and family and stayed at four different houses! While nighttime for Babe wasn’t always smooth sailing (she really wanted to fall … Continue reading

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More Women Turning to Hypnosis for All Phases of Child Birth

Guest Post By Colin Christopher When you say the word hypnosis, many people instantly think of people in a stage show being magically transformed to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. But the truth is hypnosis is much more than … Continue reading

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We night weaned! (Again!)

Imagine this post was about night-weaning my 16 month old Bug. It’s not– it’s about night-weaning his 3.5 year old sister! Until about a month ago I was nursing Babe to sleep every night and nap and quite honestly hating … Continue reading

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How to Practice Safe Sun

Summer weather has arrived and it’s time to lather on the sunscreen, right!? Well, maybe not. Despite consistent sunscreen use, the rate of new melanoma cases – the most dangerous type of skin cancer – continues to increase. Experts debate … Continue reading

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Why I shaved my head

The other night, I put the kids in the bathtub and shaved my head. #5, #4, #3, #2. It was not a very meaningful moment, though I sort of expected it to be. I’ve given myself haircuts (much less drastic … Continue reading

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Profile of a Modern Mother: 8 Facts That Will Surprise You

Guest post by Dr. Eve Feinberg Since the first official Mother’s Day in 1914, the profile of a modern mother has drastically changed. The statistics show that women are avoiding marriage, delaying childbearing, utilizing fertility technology to become pregnant, freezing … Continue reading

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