Dec 302016

I’ve been relishing this winter break. Babe has been in kindergarten since this fall and it’s been a pretty big adjustment for the entire family. One of the biggest changes is that we spend less time together. I find the school day sleddinglong and miss the days when I could easily pick the kids up at 2 or even 12:30. All this to say that we’ve been making the most out of the holidays. We opted for a staycation. We have spent a lot of time colouring, doing crafts, and have even dragged our butts out into the Montreal winter to go sledding, skating and to the zoo.

We haven’t even gotten to the New Year, but I’m seeing so many signs of… Newness. And I’m taking the time to see these things through the eyes of my two children. Everything is brand new to a child.

I laughed, as I watched the kids and their first tobogganing experience. They screamed with a look of pure delight on both of their faces. Elation. I actually hate hurling down a toboggan hill, but watching them do it for the first time, my heart swelled.

skatingI got to see Bug skate for the first time. I watched on his face how proud he was to just find his balance on the ice. Babe learned to spin in circles that same day.

She also recently learned to jump rope and is reading more and more every day. Her excitement when she sounds out a word, is my excitement. She is coming to all of these new experiences on her own terms. With encouragement from her parents, but nothing is forced.

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but I think this year, at least this week, I’m going to try to continue to live life through the eyes of a child. Let everything I do (or at least some of the things!) be done with joy, and awe, and wonder. Want to join me?



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