Aug 262016
ice age

photos fournies par la production

I realized, after making plans to see Ice Age on Ice at the Bell Centre, that I hadn’t ever even seen the Ice Age movies. My kids, however, seem to be very familiar with them. According to 5yo Babe, the Ice Age on Ice production is original, and not a live, on-ice enactment of the movie (which was the case for Frozen on Ice). But as I poke around the Internet a little, I think it’s possible my kids have only seen the sequel, and the show is based on the first Ice Age movie. I will have to do some deeper digging, probably on Netflix…  Like last time, at Disney on Ice, we brought one of our very good friends and babysitters, Tatiana, who also happens to be a figure skater.

Here’s what we got from a super fun night out last night.

iceage3It is the story of a volcano that begins to wake up, threatening to destroy the home of the Ice Age herd. Remembering a lullaby from years ago, Sid the sloth and friends embark on a journey to find the magical Froozleberry, whose juice freezes what it touches. They hunt for the berry, planning to throw it into the mouth of the volcano and save their home. (Is this familiar to you?)

Tatiana and I were delighted by the music, it’s especially enchanting in the snowy scenes. The enchanted forest, vivid colours, was beautiful. They brought in some circusy elements that reminded me a little of the last Cirque show I saw— ice dancers suspended in the sky.

The cutest, funniest act for me, was the acorn scene. Undoubtedly the best day of Skratch’s life. It’s this scene that Papa heard most about at the breakfast table this morning.

As I was looking around the Bell Centre, quietly remarking that my kids had never been to an NHL game, a hockey game broke out between athe Ice Age herd and the foxes. Another highlight!

ice age1

photos fournies par la production

At 5.5, Babe was the perfect age for this show. Bug, who is 3, sat through it and was pretty fixated. He was thrilled to realize that there were people inside costumes on the ice. That was his focus. There are TWO people inside the mamoth costume. He also clapped along to some of the catchier tunes. At three, or younger, I think it depends on you child’s personality and attention span. Can he or she sit through a movie?

By the time the show was over, I had two very tired, but very happy kids on my hands. Bug fell asleep on my back on the metro ride home, and Babe was KOed the second her teeth were clean. The next morning, recounting again and again, the evening to Papa who had been at work, Babe’s conclusion was that the herd found the Froozleberry for nothin’. It was a waste of time. (You see, in the end, Manny’s lemur brother’s ate the berry and did not freeze to death.) They found another brilliant solution to extinguishing the volcano, however. But I won’t spoil every single detail. But I love when she says these intense blanket statements because it’s such a good opportunity to talk. Of course the journey wasn’t a waste of time! The herd learned so much about eachother and themselves. they made a new friend.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. She stared at me when I threw this quote at her. But I know that look. It’s the look of my little guru, who got exactly what I was saying.

There’s another show tonight (Friday) and three performances on saturday. You can get tickets here.


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