Feb 142016

iceDisney on Ice is celebrating 100 Years of Magic. I’m taking my kids, and want to give another lucky family the chance to come too! In September, I took Babe and Bug to go see Treasure Trove at the Bell Centre. They loved it, but one little complaint: Where the heck was the cast of Frozen? Thankfully in the newest Disney on Ice production, which starts Wednesday, March 02, 2016, Anna, Elsa and Olaf will in fact be there.

We’d also seen Frozen on Ice which was quite amazing.

Tickets are for either the French show March 2 at 7pm or the English show Thursday, March 3rd, at 7pm.

To enter the contest, make sure you “Like” the mamanaturale facebook page and leave a comment here on this blog post about the role Princess Culture plays in your children’s lives, as well as your language of preference for tickets. Looking forward to reading what you have to say :)

Good luck!


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  • Enza

    Would love them just for experience! We don’t do princesses in our family

  • Kate

    Wow, just engaged my daughter in a back and forth about why she likes princesses. She seems to value their looks and clothing only!! To be fair she has not seen any princess movies yet (even though she loves Elsa and Ana she is a little too scared) but hearing her say that the only thing she likes about a princess is that “they are beautiful and wear beautiful dresses” has made me realize how important it will be to challenge her (gently) about what else she might learn from these gorgeous ladies!! Thank you for tuning me into this! :)

    • Kate

      Oh and if we one we’d be up for the English show :)

  • Cristina

    The girls love the music, dancing, stories and of course their clothes! It’s a stage and I’ve decided to just let them enjoy what they enjoy. They would LOVE to see the show! Any day or language would work.

  • Jennifer Topp-Lalonde

    Boys love princesses too! Merida from Brave is a favourite in our home! Thanks for a chance to win! (English show please!)

  • pascale lidji

    Jonas is a big fan of princesses, including dresses… not sure his little sister will like them as much as he does… (French show please

  • Marie-Eve Perron

    Princesses are not a big thing in here for now. My daughter knows Frozen and princess Peach from Mario Bros. We’re not pushing it, but we know that she’ll probably have a princess period soon!
    (French show please)

  • Elise Stillman

    Ewan loves princess movies just as much as the next toddler. I’m happy with the way princesses are being portrayed these days, they are strong, independent characters in their own right who don’t need a prince to save them. I’m grateful for the fact that Ewan is exposed to these characters, it makes my job of raising a boy who understands that women are equals a little easier :)

  • Heather M

    My girls both love anything Disney, but especially the princesses. Merida is my personal favourite, but of course the girls are all about Elsa and Anna. Z really believes that she is a princess herself, and recently told me that the reason we have a peaceful country and that the refugees want to come here is because she is doing such a good job at ruling the land! She’d be delighted to see either show, although March 2nd is slightly better for us.

  • Krissy Steczko

    I would love to take my 2 boys. They love pretending to be Knights and I am the princess they have to save. We would prefer the English show if possible.