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Mindful Moments for Kids by Kira Willey, is music to this children’s yoga teacher (and mama’s) ears!
The 30-track spoken word CD is not meant to be listened to all in one shot. Adults don’t have the attention span for that! The nature of the mid is to continue to wander, which is why so many of us feel that meditation is “hard.” It IS hard. All the more reason to practice. And that’s what this CD helps us do. The earlier we start, the “better” we’ll be at meditating as adults, right?
Kira’s one-minute mindfulness exercises can be done seated or standing, any time of day. There are pretty guitar interludes between the tracks, as sweet and soothing as Kira’s voice. The meditations are perfect for the classroom or at home use. They can also be helpful on long car rides. We had this CD with us on our trek to Southern Ontario over the holidays. I was so impressed with how long the kids sat still and listened. They followed meditation after meditation, especially Babe, who at 5 years old is already a seasoned yogini. At one point though, she did yell, “Okay! Ca suffit!” Like I said–not meant to listen to all 30 tracks in one go.
The official release of this CD is  January 15, 2016, and leading up to the release, Kira has been offering a free download at 10am. Kindness, is being offered right here, through mamanaturale for 24 hours as of 10am January 14. Here’s taste if you’re not yet sold.
“Take a long breath in and let it all the way out. Think of something kind you’ve done for someone. Maybe you helped someone in your family with something at home, or you helped a friend at school. How about something kind that someone else did for you? Maybe someone did a really nice thing for you recently. Think about how it made you feel…”
Kira Willey is the creator of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids. Her albums (Dance for the Sun, Kings & Queens of the Forest, and How To Be a Cloud) have all won Parents’ Choice Awards and earned national acclaim.  In its 2015 Gold Award review of How To Be a Cloud, Parents’ Choice said Kira’s songs “nurture the ear, the mind and the heart.”
Kira’s hits include “Colors” (featured in a worldwide Dell advertising campaign in 2008) and “Roller Coaster,” which won the Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Song; both get regular national radio play. Willey is also the host of a yoga-for-kids series of interstitial programs airing on selected PBS TV affiliates nationwide. She has twice been a featured presenter at the National Kids Yoga Conference in Washington DC, leading sessions with hundreds of teachers.
Enjoy Kindness, and the whole CD!
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  • Kira Willey

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m so glad you and your family have been using the Mindful Moments. (And the “Ca suffit” bit cracked me up!) All the best, Kira