Jan 092016

fossilWe’re starting to get into the swing of things in 2016, which means Papa and I are back to work and the kids are more regularly at daycare. It also means we have to have family days on *gasp* the weekend. I was a little afraid to go out to the Biodome on a Saturday, but as a friend suggested it might be, it was actually quite calm. Sometimes the busiest days at Espace pour la Vie (Biodome, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens) are during the week when daycares and schools take over en masse.

This is because Espace pour la Vie isn’t just a run of the mill museum. There are all kinds of activities specifically for schools, and financial assistance is also available for schools in underprivileged areas.

We wind up at the Biodome pretty regularly, and as Babe takes more and more interest in life sciences, I can only imagine we’ll be back again soon. Until February 7 the Biodome is still in Tropical Adventure mode! This means two things:


Espace pour la vie (Martine Larose)

An adorable puppet show called Capy’s Big Day. Writer, director, designer and screenwriter Valérie Galarneau took her inspiration from the animals at the Biodome (obviously starring a capybara. We got a glimpse of the zoo’s real live capy as we passed through the rainforest section. While it kills me in the heat of summer, this is my favourite section. Takes me back to the time I spent in the Ecuadorian rain forest a few years ago. The show, geared toward 3-8 year olds–but enjoyable even for those of us who are a little older! is the story of  a capybara who decides he wants to be king of the forest now that he’s all grown up.

Also special at this time of year is Commander Macaw who greats everyone in the Tropical Adventure event. Visitors are invited to play and dress up in the “Beaks and Bandaids” rescue centre. They learn how to feed and care for the stuffed animals, just as though they were real ones.

mirrorWe spent a long time in an area we had never before discovered, the Fossil Affair, which included a 10,700 year old beluga skeleton. The exhibit is supposed to be for kids 6+, but Babe really did learn what a fossil is. There’s a quiz, where kids choose which 3 of the 5 objects are fossils and why, and she nailed it.

Another new area was this weird, dark maze of projections and mirrors. Papa said it was “a-maze-ing,” and we all agreed.

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