Jan 022016

eco8I’d have a hard time coming up with a more perfect place to walk around on a snowy New Year’s Eve Day.

We love the Ecomuseum at any time of year, but in the falling snow, it’s absolute magic. Read here for a more in-depth description of the park, which we visit as often as we can!

A few things have changed since we last visited. There’s a new cage for the eagles. The reindeer we saw last year had a new baby. Sven’s antlers aren’t new, but I’ve never seen anything so amazing.

We chatted with one of the employees for a while who explained the new deer would have to be relocated at some point so he and his father, Sven, didn’t fight. There are a pair of antlers attached to a tree stump that Sven can go grapple with if he needs.

eco9Many of the outdoor animals were either away for the winter or in natural hibernation. But we didn’t mind. It was a beautiful walk and there was a lot to see. The kids even got to participate in a scavenger hunt, searching for clues on the signs outside. This is part of the special holiday activities. You still have tomorrow to check them out.
Everyone inside, however was still there. All the familiar faces, like the albino snapping turtle and the big white catfish. Something we’d never seen was a gigantic bullfrog. We read that they can be cannibals. That was news to me too! We especially love this area because it’s laid out so perfectly for the kids to be able to see inside the windows

We got to the museum just as it opened and had the run of the place. Which we like. The animals were calm, and so were my animals (mostly). We got to share lunch with our neighbours then went out one last time to say goodbye to some of our animal friends. The zoo is open every day except Christmas. When one of the employees said it’s because the reindeer were exhausted from flying all around the world the other night, Babe just rolled her eyes. We’ll probably end up there again in the spring, they usually have fun activities planned for March Break and Easter.