Dec 132015

train4Some people are crazy for Christmas. The decorating, shopping, wrapping, Christmas carols… I’m not one of them. We’re not religious and our kids don’t believe Santa is real. So at the end of the day, what’s left?

Ba humbug!

We do have a tree and had lots of fun decorating it. We’ll all give each other a small gift. But the real way we celebrate the holidays is by spending time together as a family. Throughout the year, this is still out biggest challenge, as one of us is usually alone with the kids while the other works.

Today, for the first time in ages, we woke up together and neither of us had to work (well, not till the evening, at least). We took a trip out to St. Constant to visit Exporail for the second time. Last year we went for Halloween and had so much fun. Today was the same.

trainWhat the kids love about this place is … the trains! Ha! Who doesn’t love trains? You always hear about boys and their trains, but my girl, probably not the only one, loves trains just as much as her little bro. At this museum, the largest of its kind in Canada, you can go on the trains to check them out. Push buttons, sit in seats, etc. Then there’s the model train room, where we could spend all day watching the trains go around and around.

train2 train3 train5 train6Like at Halloween, during the Christmas season there were themed activities, super well-organized– which as parents, Papa and I appreciate. There was no time wasted. The planned activities were seamless and all very enjoyable.

When we first arrived, so had Santa. He set himself up in one of the trains and the kids got to go sit beside him and tell him what they want for  Christmas. Apparently my kids don’t want anything. After refusing to talk, they each left with a gift of their choice, which for both of them, was temporary tattoos. I was shocked and delighted that none of the gift options were candy. Places like this always try to give out candy canes!

Then there was story time, in another train. After the animation, we followed the storyteller out of the train where he started up a sweet electric train, just like the one in the story. All the kids were pretty mesmerized.

We went on to do a simple craft. It was easy enough for Bug, and involved glitter, so Babe was all over it. After we ate lunch, we wandered into the trains that were open for exploring. There were cute Christmasy touches all around.

Before we headed out, we caught a choir, caroling. A first, for my kids. And they loved it so much.

By this point everyone was a little tired. We were heading to the car when we realized the miniature train ride was happening. So, that was the icing on our gingerbread house.


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