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Whether you’re vegan, sensitive or intolerant to lactose/dairy, or just looking to add a little variety to the breakfast table, I promise you, making nutmilk is easy. Way easier than you could imagine.

Here are 5 reasons to learn how to DIY.

milk#1 Purity
Homemade nutmilk is made fresh and kept in the fridge. There is no need for preservatives or stabilizers. Many store-bought milks contain carrageenan, emulsifiers, synthetic vitamins, straight up sugar (who cares that it’s organic!) etc. The only ingredients you need to make a nutritious nutmilk are nuts and water. Healthier sweeteners and flavours may be added, if you wish.

#2 Environment
Tetra Paks claim to be way greener than they are. Only 18% are recycled (into toilet paper) the rest goes into the landfill. Homemade nutmilk produces zero waste. The pulp can be consumed (ideal!) or composted.

#3 Cost
Yes, nuts are expensive, but not as expensive as pre-made nutmilk. For example, 1.5 cups of shredded coconut will make you 1L of fresh, coconut milk. The cost is less than $2.00 vs approx. $4 for a litre of boxed coconut milk.

Costco sells unsweetened shredded coconut, $10 for 2 kilos. 2 kilos will make you more than 20 cups of fresh coconut milk.

If you also spend money on almond or coconut flour, you will save loads of money by making these things with the pulp leftover from your milk.

1 cup of shredded coconut = 3/4 cup of coconut milk & approx. 1 cup of coconut flour

#4 Nutrition
Aside from the extra undesirable ingredients you’re chugging down when you’re drinking store-bought milk, you’re also getting less nutrients. Leaving the homemade milk, unstrained allows you to benefit from the fibre. This is especially yummy with cashew milk. Two popular brands of almond milk, Almond Breeze and Silk, are the target of a class-action lawsuit claiming they only contain 2% almonds.

#5 BPA in packaging
Most cans of coconut milk are lined with BPA, and it leaches into foods that are acidic, salty or fatty, including coconut milk. BPA exposure is linked to all kinds of problems, including fertility issues, miscarriages and breast cancer and neurobehavioural problems in infants. BPA exposure is so common that it’s been found in the urine of 93% of adults. There are no commercial brands of coconut milk that are BPA and guar gum free, and also organic.

If you’re eager to save some money and make tastier, healthier nutmilk, come on out to my Nutmilk Know-How Workshop October 20 at Coop la maison vert.

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