Jun 032015

green1Who doesn’t love ice cream? Last year, all of us admittedly ate way too much of it. None of us really consume dairy anymore (although I have been making ice cream with kefir!) I still mostly blame conventional ice cream for all the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Babe. I’m not going to lie– I LOVE a cold treat! But since I have a pretty sweet Blendtec blender, making ice cream at home takes about 5 minutes and it’s an opportunity to get some serious nutrition and healthy fats into the kids. No processed sugar, ever, but it’s so, so sweet!

When Babe sees me put greens into the blender, she has the tendency to complain, but once I muttered something to her about kale being crucial to getting a good ice cream texture, so now she doesn’t question it. Because I often use kale or spinach in our ice cream and smoothies, the colour is usually green, but the taste is very much not one of spinach!

Here’s a recipe for one of the treats we recently made. I don’t have an ice cream maker, but when some of the ingredients are frozen, the texture turns out solid enough. The banana and avocado makes it super creamy. You can get a good cream with either avocado or banana, or kefir if you like it!

2T coconut oil
2.5 cups milk (almond, coco, cashew, cow etc.) I used almond.
2 leaves and stems of kale
1 avocado
1 frozen banana
3 cups frozen mango

How To:
Blend. Eat. Enjoy!

  • Elise Stillman

    Mmmmm, sounds great! I’ll try this with the little man this weekend!