Apr 302015
treeDo you ever stop to reevaluate whether the way you look reflects who you are? Clothes do not make a person, but could it be that dressing in a way that makes you feel good, can make you feel… Good?

I’m in yoga pants most of the time whether for work or comfort. I’ve touched on this in a post about self care.
My hair is growing out. It’s shiny and soft but also a little awkward. I’ve been wearing mascara these days.
Last week, I was walking through the mall, coming from teaching a yin/hatha class. Dressed in the purple spandex tights I’d bought at Costco, and a purple fleece I’ve had for ages. Under it, a black spandex shirt from Joe Fresh. Loblaws and Costco is where I shop for clothes (rare) because it’s so convenient. And way less expensive than Lululemon.
Yoga pants and a tank top. This is my uniform. Day in and out. It’s athletic. While my body is in better shape than it’s ever really been, I certainly don’t identify with the term “athlete.”  I’m not a runner, swimmer or a gym goer. Aside from chasing the kids around, my physical activity is yoga. Mostly I’m at the front of a class, moving through the postures with students, but I also maintain my own practice at home and going to one, sometimes five yoga classes a week.
I think tights/yoga pants are the appropriate thing to wear to a yoga class, but when I passed myself in the mirror on my way home from work the other day, it looked all wrong.
Who is this person? I felt synthetic and so did the fabrics I was wearing.
What do I feel like myself in? Dresses. Flowing, cotton dresses. Plazo pants. Long skirts and loose tank tops. Butterfly tops. And man, I’m wishing I could make a ponytail.
Maybe I’m just feeling spring. Maybe this is a transformation.
For so long, I wore hand me downs and clothes from thrift stores. Whatever was around. Whatever fit. Maybe it’s the influence of friends like Cristina who are helping me realize that feeling good in your body, loving the person in the mirror, is crucial to a person’s happiness. And if that person happens to be a mom then crucial to the family’s happiness.
Maybe it’s the influence of Babe who hates jeans and feels most like herself when she’s wearing a flowered dress, no shoes and her hair is down and wild. Maybe that’s it. My daughter, my mirror. I encourage her to fully express herself and I’m watching how that unfolds everyday. Seeing what she chooses to wear is pretty much how I feel best! Through writing this post, I solved the mystery. I’ll follow Babe. I’ll refuse to wear clothes that don’t make me feel like myself. I don’t know if I can show up to teach in a dress, but I’m sure Babe will help me figure this out.
Since writing this post (it’s been sitting in the cue for a number of weeks) I’ve been feeling like I look way more like myself. Sometimes I still wear spandex, but mostly I’m wearing natural, loose fitting fibres and it feels fantastic!)
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