Mar 092015

eco3Because we’re both self employed, Papa and I are able to avoid crowds most of the time. We don’t tend to go grocery shopping, for example, on a Saturday morning. We also generally avoid museums when we know there will be crowds. But it was March Break!

We took the kids to see The Butterflies Go Free and to the Ecomuseum, on March Break. Oh boy there were crowds! But in both cases, it was so worth it.
We often go to the Ecomuseum Zoo, and there are always people there, but nothing like this! We knew we were in for it when we had to park at the back of the full lot. Kids came in by the school bus and there was a lineup when we got to the front.
ecoWhile crowds bother me in some situations, I was overjoyed to see this many people supporting such a beautiful organization. As I’ve mentioned before, the Ecomuseum is home to over 115 animal species from Québec.
For the March Break, the museum put on twice daily presentations. On the day we visited, Laura, who is in charge of the reptiles, did an amazing presentation on snakes, in perfect English and French, which was appreciated by the large audience. Laura showed us (and let us touch) a long piece of snakeskin and explained that the fact that the snake had shed in one long piece means he is healthy and his environment is moist enough. Babe didn’t get to hold the snake, and she was a little disappointed, but she got to hold the skin and quickly eco 4touch the big snake’s tail. The guide also fed the snake, but we had taken a water break, and I’m okay with that. The last time we watched a baby bird get eaten to death by ants, Babe was a wee bit traumatized!
We’re all a little wintered out by this point (who isn’t?) so while we visited some of our favourite animals (the Arctic Fox and the Snowy Owl) we were all happy to head in to see the reptiles downstairs!
Before getting back in the car, headed home, we staked out a spot in the busy cafeteria and warmed up with homemade soup (they have a microwave!) Then we went for yet another round in the honeycomb installation. We played eye spy, hide and seek and a lot of crawling in the holes!
eco2We’ll likely be back soon on a weekday morning to enjoy the same freedom and space as the animals at the zoo, but a couple upcoming activities that are going to be a blast: April 4-5, during Easter weekend, there is the Great Easter Egg Hunt and lots of fun stuff for kids. Also, when we were there, we saw ads for some kind of Froggy concerto one night in May. More details on that to come! You can see all the upcoming activities here, including and English storytime for toddlers at the end of March.
The Ecomuseum Zoo is going to give one lucky mamanaturale reading family a pass for one of the days during Easter weekend. Enter the copter below and hope to see you there!

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  • Sara

    It looks wonderful! I’ve lived in Montreal almost four years and still haven’t been there! I have no doubt my three year old would love it :)

  • Katherine

    We celebrate the season instead of Easter. This seems like a great way to do that!

  • enza

    Painting and decorating eggs

  • Valérie Boisvert

    We dont have yet, but gooing to a place like this should be à good one! :)