Nov 162014

delishmasA year and a half ago, I was a bit of a mess. I was at the height of my PPD/anxiety. I was scared to leave the house with my two kids. I didn’t drive (I had my license but was terrified to get behind the wheel). I was dependent on a lot of people.

So a day like today felt like a triumph! I loaded up both kids into the car. I drove us to AppleCheeks HQ where I got to visit some friendly faces. And of course I bought a few diapers. (A little slow on Boo!, but let’s be honest, Bug will likely still be on diapers next Halloween!)
From AC, the kids and I went grocery shopping. Something I always found daunting solo, never mind with a toddler and a preschooler. They bickered, as they do, something that has a tendency to stress me out. But not today. I was that mom. The smiling, patient, cheerful mom. A triumph. Look how very far I’ve come, I thought to myself.
Babe and Bug sat in the grocery cart and ate DELICIOUS Christmas oranges. In my purse, I had my newly acquired Delishmas. What a glorious moment.
lineupWe got home and no one wanted lunch (too many oranges) and no one wanted to nap. I stopped being the calm and collected mom I was at the grocery store. Just for a moment. But we all regrouped and made some homemade playdough.
With a light and happy heart today,  I and wanted to pass along a Delishmas to a lucky mamanaturale reader, courtesy of Amy and Ilana.
To enter the Delishmas giveaway, please leave a comment on this post about a personal parenting triumph. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just a moment in time when you felt, “Hey, I’ve got this.”
Good luck!

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  • Amy

    Parenting triumph of late was surviving a relatively short car ride with 2 screaming 6 month olds by singing/shouting “Baby Beluga” by Raffi.

    • Mamanaturale

      Oh Amy, I feel you! The giveaway doesn’t start til midnight and I don’t think this will count if your don’t do it through the rafflecopter. Please re enter
      after midnight!

  • Kathleen Wynd

    I have to say I felt triumphant when breastfeeding finally worked. At the hospital, he would breastfeed and forget how to on the next feeding so I was glad I had rented a Medela. I hand expressed the colostrum and gave him with my little finger. He only lost 3% of his birth weight. When I got home I pumped and gave him the milk in a Medela Calma bottle. He stopped biting and learned how to suck. After 3 days, we tried again and it finally worked ! When the nurses came for their visit, he had regained all his weight. :) I felt so happy, so proud to be able to breastfeed. It felt so weird and unnatural for something so natural.

    • Mamanaturale

      Thank you so much for sharing Kathleen! The giveaway doesn’t start til midnight and I don’t think this will count if your don’t do it through the rafflecopter. Please re enter after midnight!

  • Michelle Catenacci

    When I finally figured out my cloth wash routine. Sounds lame, but I was getting so discouraged after investing in a good stash, but running into washing issues. Met some amazing mamas online, got some tips with detergents and my water type and it got much easier. I’m so glad I stuck it out.

  • Andréanne Dionne-Boulard

    When I started the baby led weaning technic with my 6 months old baby, I was so scared at the beginning and everyone who weren’t involved in that ”way of thinking” was discouraging me of doing it. After a couple of weeks and gag reflexes, he was handling it very well, now that he’s 1 year old, I can give him real crackers and a whole steak, I’m really happy I sticked to my convictions!

  • Maria M

    Is this U.S. & Canada or Canada only? Thanks!

  • Steph M

    When our daughter ate refried beans finally….and proclaimed that she loved them! :)

  • Rachel Nye

    When I finally got my DD to stop screaming in the car

  • Leah McManus

    When I figured out that the reason my son was gagging and puking on food all the time was that he had a tongue tie. Revised the tie at 19 months, no more gagging and puking. He could eat!

  • Janice Tadgell

    Everyday I learn so much from my daughter as she is learning from me :)

  • Jill Mahar

    Getting my son to stay in his room at bedtime

  • Meagan

    We love applecheeks!!

  • Mary D

    Once I got alllll the laundry washed, folded and put away. It was glorious. And short-lived.

  • Becky

    Need this!! Lol

  • Erin Flemming

    finally getting my 3 year old to sleep through the night!

  • katy

    Today has been my best day yet since I have started going back to school, we are all showered, all my homework is done and my entire house is clean!

  • Michelle Stefan

    I’ve always had issues with keeping my house tidy. I got the clean part of it but the constant pick up was tough with these wild babies! For a bit of time, I was able to have it clean and tidy and it was awesome! Than life happened again and I wonder how I’m not able to do it again. Back to the drawing board. :)

  • Cassandra Rae

    Personal parenting triumph… One day my little one had an amazing nap and I cleaned the whole house, stuffed diapers, then sat and had a coffee and watched an episode of gossip girls. That was a great day !

  • Linda

    My personal parenting triumph is when my son started mimicking me and giving me kisses :)

  • Wendy Hyder

    thank you for the read

  • Susan Pelletier

    Parenting triumph with the help of an afternoon nap: completing all of my chores allowing me to spend the evening with my DD and DH with no other tasks running through my head

  • Heather j

    When my son started sleeping they the night!

  • Jennifer Raymond

    Finally seeing my son be a little more comfortable around strangers after continuously getting him to meet anyone and everyone

  • Joker

    Her behaviour outside of the home. She’s not always so good at home but when we go out she always shocks me at how patient and well behaved she is and she’s only 2 and a half! I think that is triumphant for us.

  • Angel

    first time I got both kids to bed by myself

  • Elizabeth C

    Teaching my babies to be kind. And to eat dinner

  • Jo B.

    Getting all packed, ready, and over to help my parents in the garden by 8 am with my then 4 month old – and actually being able to take care of him and make myself helpful that day!

  • Stacy F.

    Kind of funny, but we went to a birthday party tonight and my baby fell asleep in the car, not uncommon, but when I brought her in she sleep through her diaper and outfit change! Talk about a win!

  • Laura Vara

    I am not a parent yet, but I taught my youngest cousin her first word, and was there for their first steps holding her hand. I also taught my nephews how to swim, which for me is a very big deal. It could save their lives one day.

  • Sheridan

    I taught my daughter how to sign “eat”

  • Amanda Dunville

    To me since having our third baby 7 months ago, a trip anywhere outside the home with all three stresses me out. Tonight I took them to a pet store for cat food, and we walked around looking at the fish and other animals, then went to the grocery store, and of course since I was wiped out picked up a quick dinner. I didn’t lose it or get overly stressed, and it was so nice to be out and about in the evening again.

  • wendy chapdelaine

    We got through the whole night without a leak! Which means I finally figured out the right combination of absorbency for my little guy! PARENTING WIN!

  • Morgan E.

    Getting my son to latch and breastfeed. Now breastfeeding for 8 months!!!

  • Anel

    As a soon to be first time mom, I would say one of the biggest triumphs I am looking forward to is breastfeeding! Thank you!

  • Julie

    Breastfeeding is my biggest triumph. When my son was born, I didn’t think we’d make it past the first week. He nursed for 3.5 years and my daughter is still nursing at at 2! :)

  • Becky Marie

    Having natural births with all three of my kids!

  • hayley s

    We are still nursing at 19 months, and no end is in sight… though I am very ready to be done!

  • Anna Monte

    I’m very happy to be able to breastfeed my second child when I wasn’t able to do so with my first. Other things in my life might not be perfect and I might be overwhelming but at least I’ve got Breastfeeding down. :)

  • Bianca Munoz

    Breastfeeding and pumping at the same time!

  • Erika Summers

    We are still nursing and bedsharing with our 1 year old daughter. My husband and I have decided to have another when she turns 2, so excited!

  • katie s

    Getting our child started potty training before he was 2 and having him fully potty trained just a short time later. (still need diaps though; number 2 is on the way in about a month!)

  • megan beaver

    Still nursing at 24 months. I intended to nurse for 6 months. I honestly thought I couldn’t nurse this long. My other two ended up on formula

  • Annalisa

    We’ve been doing EC with our 3 month old and he now prefers going on the potty!!

  • Mia

    Managed to talk to my toddler about why bedtime wasn’t the same as pizza time until she stopped shrieking Pizza!

  • Jamie

    I have a 12 year old and a one year old. I am at my wits end with the older one! He has began to hit puberty and his hormones make him impossible to live with! I triumph each day that I make it through with out him saying he hates me before the day is over.

  • Jutta Pearce

    I had to pay property taxes and I tandem wore my almost 2 yo and 7 mo. We had to walk through a giant parking lot, through courthouse security, and up a flight of stairs. My 3.5 yo carried the car keys and got to lock and unlock the car for me. She also handed them to the security officer. It was a trip that I was dreading, but it just seemed to work out.

  • Juliana Stoy

    I had a natural homebirth despite an unfriendly legal climate in my state, a hellish preganncy, and 4 days of labour.

  • Jen E

    Getting into cloth was a major triumph for us!

  • Carly Tea

    Breastfeeding for nearly a year certainly feels like a triumph. (Heck, so does keeping the kid alive sometimes.)

  • Erin B.

    Just wrapped up nursing after 29 months and finally got her into her own bed and sleeping most of the night!

  • Caroline B


  • valerie

    surviving the day?

  • Jessie

    Doing bedtime, by myself, with 2 LO’s, for two straight weeks. I was so thrilled when my husband’s work schedule lightened up a little and he could be home for bedtime!

  • Lauren Arney

    Cloth diapering and breastfeeding while still going to graduate school for counseling!

  • Janice Pope

    The first day I was alone with all 3 of my children after the birth of my 3rd son.

  • danielle

    My personal parenting triumph was having my baby boy totally naturally with no meds! Hooray!

  • Beth R

    The first time I had held me son in the NICU with all the wires after 2 weeks. It was pretty scary

  • Kelley

    The first time I held and breastfed my baby boy after a emergency c_section.

  • Ashley carpenter

    Going to the grocery store with my two boys (2 and 4 months) by myself.

  • Lisa H

    Making it through the day!

  • Kaitlin L.

    Juggling work and taking care of my daughter and making sure she has a sitter and enough milk while I’m gone.

  • Keara B.

    My personal triumph has been being able to exclusively breastfeed my second baby so far. Nursing was a disaster with my first!!

  • Ashley B.

    My parenting triumph has been being able to nurse my daughter for 23 months, so far! It has been an incredible journey!

  • katheirne d

    had a natural birth when everyone said I couldn’t

  • All Natural Katie

    My triumph has been breastfeeding for over one year, when I had low milk supply and had to pump and supplement.

  • Kirstie Gibbons

    My triumph happens daily, as I try to be a better mom and person in general!

  • emily_bemily

    I fought and struggled and cried but I’m now able to nurse my son, almost exclusively. Three lactation consultants, three different pumps, tea, supplements, you name it! I DID IT!!!

  • Larissa Visscher

    2 kids under 2!! cloth diapering both right now and LOVE it! i didn’t think i could do it, but once i got into the routine there really wasn’t too much extra laundry :)

  • Katy M


  • DreaB

    teaching DD to self soothe!

  • Kristen Varner

    Breastfeeding for 16.months + and going strong.

  • Melissa F

    This spring when I was out planting the garden with the new baby sleeping in my Boba and her big brother placing each seed for me so that I don’t have to bend over. Pride that he was helping and that I was finally getting one of my projects done!

  • valerie sobus

    well….i’m not sure i have one yet since my little boy is due in january! but i consider deciding to cloth diaper a triumph 😉

  • Jennifer

    I don’t really have one yet, I’m due with my first in May. Although I do nanny and was quite happy when I finally got the toddler I care for to put away her toys.

  • Alyssa C

    The triumph that comes to mind was nursing my little in public. It took me a long time to be comfortable doing it even with a cover, but finally I took the plunge and no one stared! Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Emily

    Getting pregnant- it’s been 3 long years and a HUGE triumph

  • Mesha C

    I don’t have one yet. Waiting for baby :)

  • Minnie

    I’m currently working on peaceful parenting my toddler. Not yelling and spanking like my parents did with us.

  • Andrea Slagle

    I am not a parent yet; pregnant with my first child. But I guess I feel like I’m doing a good job because I’m on bed rest, have preeclampsia, and GD, and baby is still doing well!

  • Monique Eckert

    Getting my son to go potty on the big boy potty!

  • Lara C.

    Not a parent just yet, but trying to eat healthy, take vitamins, get moving even when I’m tired — little victories, though they don’t feel like they help a WHOLE lot some days, lol.

  • Vicki h

    Using cloth diapers is a big triumph for us.

  • Melissa S

    After 5 months, I still give myself a pat on the back when I successfully put my son to sleep (or back to sleep), even though it is getting easier and easier…it was not always so easy and used to be a dreaded part of my day

  • jodi armstrong

    Getting my daughter to use the potty— she really loves her cloth diapers :)

  • Samantha

    Eliminating toxins from our home is a big triumph! Love my pyrex :)

  • Kate E

    Breast feeding both children even though they wouldn’t latch for the first month!

  • Mellisa Patterson

    Home schooling my oldest son and breastfeeding are my biggest accomplishments

  • Brenda Lynn Abbazia-Acosta

    Getting my son to sleep in his crib. He would only sleep on my chest so i had to give up and put him to sleep on his stomach. it worked!

  • Happily Southern

    I haven’t had kids yet, but my biggest triumph while working with my special needs little brother was getting him to sleep all night in his bed!

  • Sara B

    Getting to encourage my LO to eat veggies!

  • Meghan

    getting my stubborn daughter to finally potty train just before her 4th birthday!!!

  • Angela Britz-Robertson

    Finally figuring out a night time cloth diapering solution for my toddler who started leaking out of every diaper I owned.

  • Jessica Harwell Long

    I love that we just passed a year nursing

  • Sam Camerer

    We are going strong breastfeeding, 16 months almost! It is a huge triumph for me since I was only able to with my daughter for 3 months.