Mar 252014

sickI recently certified as a children’s yoga teacher and am loving everything about it. It has changed my quality of life and made me a better mom. Here’s how:

  1. I get to work three days a week! This really only adds up to about eight hours total, but those eight hours allow me to rejuvenate and come back a better mom. Yes, I’m spending time with other people’s children but they don’t need to be breasted or rocked or held by me. I get smiles and namastes and hugs instead. It’s kinda like being an aunt.
  2. Doing yoga helps us slow down. The whole point of doing yoga is to be in the present moment. Instead of rushing everywhere, we learn to enjoy those walks that take three hours instead of 20 minutes and literally stop and smell the flowers.
  3. “I am a Tank,” has been my personal mantra since I began climbing out of my PPD. What does it mean? I can tandem nurse without flinching, I don’t need eight hours of solid sleep, I can make kale chips while breastfeeding and babywearing. In short– I’m a superhero. Strong like bull. Doing yoga keeps my body strong so it can keep up to the demands of being a mom of two young kids. Yoga also keeps my mind and spirit just as strong.
  4. My kids love yoga, do it often and reap the many rewards. I trained with Radiant Child Yoga which comes with loads of awesome “yoga songs.” With those songs come gestures and actions. Babe knows many of the songs and sings and dances to them often. What does Bug do? His own form of yoga. Crawlers and those learning to walk are great yogis!
  5. I’m not a patient person. I work very very hard to try to be patient. Yoga helps with this. Is patience not one of the most important things a parent needs? In learning to be more patient I can teach my kids to be as well. When Babe loses her patience I ask her to find her patience. It seems to work. But leading by example is always the best way, I’m trying very hard as I go deeper in my personal practice and as I spend more time teaching, I feel I am coming a long way
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