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healthy granola For someone whose family calls her “Grano,” I’ve pretty much sucked at making my own granola. I’ve also burned my fair share of batches. Sometimes I burn the raisins, sometimes the oats. It’s never tasted good. Until now. Behold! Mama Naturale’s simple, sweet, healthy granola!

I try very hard to keep refined sugars away from my family, and am learning more and more about processing and how things like “brown organic cane sugar” or agave syrup leaving something to be desired! The only sweetener in this recipe is honey and I think next time I’ll put even less because it does come out really sweet. You can use whatever fruit, nuts and seeds you have.


4 cups oats (I had a hard time finding anything that doesn’t cook in 5 minutes or less. I used Large Flake Oats. I wouldn’t use instant and would be happy to use “Old Fashioned Rolled Oats” instead)
2 cups nuts I used one cup of sliced almonds and one cup of chopped walnuts
2- 3 cups dried fruit I used one cup of raisins and one cup of chopped figs. I found two cups to be perfect.
1 cup seeds I used half a cup of sunflower and half a cup of pumpkin

3/4 cup coconut oil Coconut oil is ridiculously healthy and adds a perfect flavour to granola. You could use veggie oil if that’s what you have. Then maybe add some shredded coconut!
1 /2 cup honey Or less. As I said, it comes out pretty sweet.
Cinnamon to taste

Mix oil and honey well (you might have to put oil in microwave to liquefy if you’re using coconut and it’s not 30 degrees in your house)

Mix dry ingredients including cinnamon in a separate bowl.

Mix all ingredients together.

Put in a big Pyrex dish or two baking trays.

Put in oven 325 for 30 minutes, stirring 5 – 10 minutes. I was pretty paranoid about it burning and I think the stirring and checking on it saved me.

Store in a jar or air tight container. It’s awesome with homemade yogurt!

I adapted this recipe from one of Martha’s

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