Jan 272013

IMG_9573My daughter is my little buddy. Her Papa is very present, but as a musician, he often works nights. He often works weekends. We’re both so busy that we spend little time as a family and a lot of time parenting Babe alone. When he is away, I have this hilarious toddler to keep me company. She is a handful, but at least she’s cute.

She is still in daycare some mornings (though the daycare is closing a month after Babe’s little bro is born). But she spends most of her time with me. After her nap we play, read, listen to music. We usually cook together. I started realizing it’s a great education. She sorts, helps break beans, and is very helpful with baking. She can cut and mash bananas like no one’s business. We really have this groove going with our afternoons.

I am realizing that come April, our groove is going to be disrupted. There will be three of us. How will Babe and I cook dinner and listen to music with an infant kicking around?

Because the daycare’s closing, I am thinking of just taking a year off of work and school to take care of both of the kids. I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. I like to work. I like to make money to contribute to the family. Being a SAHM is probably the hardest job on the planet and I’m not sure I’m up for it.

I have seen how Babe has blossomed since we found this awesome daycare for her. She loves her friends (four other girls) and the daycare provider and learns so much from them. It has been great to see her grow with them. Will she be as stimulated at home all day everyday with me and her little bro? I guess that’s up to me. I assume she’ll be just fine.

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  • katery

    i’m sure you’ll be more than fine :)

    • Jenn

      Thanks Kate 😉

  • Sarah

    Oh you’ll be fine either way I’m sure but I have found that being a SAHM of 2 that I miss working, I have kept Jackson in daycare 2 days a week (both so that he can have fun with his friends and so that Alexander can have some one on one time with me). It’s hard, I’m not going to lie. I cried often those first couple of weeks because I felt like I had robbed my happy little guy of the kind of fun and experience that he had grown accustomed. All of a sudden my patience was shorter, my hands were fuller and he was acting out all the time because of this HUGE shift in his little world. I’m telling you this just because I wish someone had told me. Things have since settled down and at almost 12 weeks we have our little routines. They’re different but each babe is getting one on one time with both mama and papa and getting time together. The jealousy is less, the tempers longer and life is returning to normal. I’ve realized now that we had siblings and adjusted to them at a young age and are not scared for life over it haha Jackson will continue to adjust and we will as a family continue to find ways of enjoying our time as a foursome. Alexander is a patient, happy little man and doesn’t seem bothered to share me so that’s our saving grace lol Anyway, I just wanted to share how it has gone for me and let you know that already we’re nearly a well oiled machine haha Oh and my newborn sleeps MUCH better than my toddler who still often wakes at night. Alex on the other hand since about week 5 has gone to bed at 7pm, woke at 3am to eat and slept till 7. If Jackson had been this easy I would have had 5 more kids haha

    • Jenn

      Hey Sarah,

      I really, really appreciate this response. I know it will be an adjustment. I know every child is different, but you’ve given me a glimpse of what it might resemble for us.

      Our daycare is closing shortly after this little guy comes along. I won’t find a place to replace it, so I think I am going to do the unthinkable–take care of both kids by myself. And then I think I’m going to open a daycare. Am I nuts? Probably.

      Work is taking less of my time and school is becoming very important. I figure I can do one course at a time and take care of a couple of kids so A can continue to socialize.

      Anyways. That’s where I am. Send me an email update soon!


      • Sarah

        not crazy at all! The blonde one and I tossed around the idea of doing this back when our boys were smaller but decided we didn’t have the temperament to deal with other mothers HAHA but I think you’d be great at it. I grew up with my mom running a home daycare and it was fabulous for us kids too. Always had our mom and lots of friends and we had to learn to share ALOT 😉 I think you’ll do fine, I think I would have been much better if someone had told me that it was perfectly normal to have those guilty mama feelings and that they would pass and that everyone adjusts and will be happy. Turns out I felt worse about the whole 2nd fiddle thing then either kid. Both are happy and healthy and so are mom and dad :) email updates are in the proverbial mail xo