Sep 252012

Photo by Sarah M. Stewart

The Law of Attraction. Is this something you’re familiar with?

I generally believe in this very important “law” and try to focus my energy as positively as I can. This means that instead of grumbling that I didn’t have a midwife and that I wasn’t going to get one I really should have been thinking that there was a good chance I would get a midwife.

The odds were against me, though. I was getting the impression from the questions I asked and the way they were answered that I really was SOL. I think part of my negativity was how positive I stayed last time, right up to 30-something weeks only to end up midwife-less, with an epidural in my back.

I had heard that birthing centres tend to accept second-time mamas more frequently than first-timers, but when I asked them if that was true they said no. I heard, as well, that if you wanted to give birth at home that would up your chances of getting a midwife, but was told this, too, was just a rumour. Not living in any of the three birthing centre “territories,” I felt hopeless.

Aside from the Law of Attraction, I also (especially now) believe that there is power in the masses. While I was busy feeling sorry for myself, it seems a few guardian angels were thinking positively for me. I know who some of you are, many long-time friends who don’t even read this blog. But I know there are others out there. A lot of people read this blog everyday. Some of you hate me. Some of you love this blog because you can relate to so much of it. Most of you don’t comment. Some of you send emails instead. Many of you are beautiful mamas who I know were wishing the best for me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I got a call from not one, but two birthing centres. What the Eff? My first midwife appointment is mid-October and I am positively ecstatic.

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  • Enza

    Wow that is great Jenn! The Universe works in mysteries ways always looking out for our highest good…Very happy for you :-)

    • Jenn Hardy

      Thanks so much, Enza. I think you are very, very right.

  • Sarah

    Oh yea! I’m so happy for you! I hope the experience is everything you hope for. I think all us mamas are reading and looking forward to hearing about your journey with babe#2 xo

    • Jenn Hardy

      Thanks Sarah! :)

  • katery

    oh my god!!! this is such great news, i am SO happy for you!!!

    • Jenn Hardy

      Thanks Kate.You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Okay, so we haven’t “met” but you know what I mean!!

      • katery

        you are too kind, i don’t think i’ve ever been described as sweet by anyone i know in real life :) i do treasure my online/bloggy friends, they have gotten me through some very tough times.

  • Desirae

    I am beyond happy for you!

    • Jenn Hardy

      Thank you Des. xo

  • Laura

    Oh gosh, this brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so happy for you. Congratulations on baby & on midwife. Life is good.

    • Jenn Hardy

      Ha! Thanks, Laura, you’re such a nice support! I’m going to need some tips on how the heck to do this two baby thing!

  • Pamela Q

    And now I read this!!!! I could not be more joyous for you – I know how important this is to you and your family! Congrats from the bottom of my heart Jenn!

    • Jenn Hardy

      Thanks so much Pam!!