Jun 122010

It seems I am pregnant.

photo by davhor

It’s generally believed to be unwise to announce a pregnancy in the first trimester, so for the time being, I shall be known only as ”Mamanaturale.”

My mom didn’t make me a baby book. When I was 15 I made one for myself. She was at least very good about keeping every little thing. Even the shower card from her sister which read, ”I hope it’s a boy.” Sorry to disappoint you, Aunt Janice.

I am hoping this blog can serve as some kind of baby book for this baby to be.

I’ve never been pregnant before. I am old enough to have had a couple children, but was waiting until the time was right. Not that this was “planned,” per se…

When is the right time to have a first born? I have friends back home  who did everything in the right order. A girl I know from high school, for example,

  • fell madly in love
  • secured a very well-paid, full benefits kind of job
  • accepted the proposition of that love
  • married that love
  • bought a house in the suburbs with that love
  • made a baby

I can’t tick off all of those proper boxes, but, at least…

  • I am in love.
  • not married
  • we are both freelance artists aka no benefits to speak of
  • we live in a two bedroom apartment in a downtown Canadian city
  • baby is baking, as we speak

Maybe one day I’ll get married, maybe not. I’ve never been one to do anything in the right order anyhow.

I am scared, a little. I only peed on the sticks in the last couple of days, but it turns out getting a doctor is difficult. And nothing seems to be open Friday – Sunday.

So now I wait. I happily ate a prenatal vitamin with my pancakes this morning, I anxiously look forward to a thumbs up from a doctor.

  • katery

    you don’t need to check off the proper boxes, you just need to be happy and houses and full-time jobs with benefits don’t necesarily make you happy. good luck with your pregnancy :)

    • http://mamanaturale.wordpress.com mamanaturale

      Thank you so much for finding me and commenting! I hope you will join me on my journey and share your experiences here. It looks like you have a new baby yourself!

      All the best. <3

  • Mom

    OOOOhhhh jenn jenn will I never hear the end of the baby book I never made you!!!!! just put it up on a blog for everyone to read..