Aug 212016

Who needs a swimsuit in the rain?

The rain started to sputter as our boat tour in Souris ended. But it was warm and the day was young. We were very close to the famous Basin Head provincial park, so we headed to it. We had the intention of walking around on the beach, but the second Bug saw sand, he took off his rubberboots. Then his rain jacket. He was in undies and a hoodie as we made it back to the car.

Basin Head is a big, beautiful beach with white sand. It is supervised, there are bathrooms, and a place to buy food. In my opinion, it’s way less exotic than the red sand beaches further south, but it’s a good beach to swim at. Also known as the Singing Sands, I loved the pretty, polished pebbles, white seaweed and purple jelly fish that had washed up on shore.

The provincial park is a place to spend the entire day. Unless it starts to pour rain and you didn’t bring your suimsuits. Although that’s some peoples’ beat. On a nice day, it’s the perfect place to just hang out.

We also spent a little while in the Fishing Museum. I found it old kind of boring. But the kids left super inspired to make their own dioramas of fishing villages. They recently started a by-donation Eco-tour here that would have been amazing to take if the timing had worked out.


East Souris Lighthouse

Before driving into Charlottetown where Babe and I would see Anne of Green Gables, the Musical, we went to the Souris East Lighthouse, which we’d been able to see from Captain Jeff’s boat tour. There’s a fee to get in (there’s a fee to visit pretty much every attraction no matter how small on the island). It worked out that Bug was thrilled just playing in the sandbox, so Babe and I went in the impressive, three story lighthouse.

We were thrilled to see the sea glass exhibit on the second floor. They had a nice collection of glass from all over the place, as well as jars of sand. Who knew sand came in so many textures and colours? Sea glass was a new discovery for me. I collected it through the whole trip and at this exhibit, there was a little sandbox and whatever glass Babe found in it, she was able to keep. Beach combing is, apparently, our favourite family activity. I pick up glass and shells while Papa and the kids like to catch live hermit crabs and clams. Eek!

Watching whales with Captain Jeff in Souris, PEI (3 of 7)

Watching whales with Captain Jeff in Souris, PEI (3 of 7)

When we stopped in at the Cavendish visitor’s centre to collect a couple maps and pamphlets, I asked about whale watching on the island, something we’ve been wanting to do as a family for a long time, and was told there’s really only one guy that does it. He wrote down the name Capitan Jeff […]

En route to PEI, first comes New Brunswick (2 of 7)

En route to PEI, first comes New Brunswick (2 of 7)

We had two weeks booked off work and no solid plans. Everyone I spoke to said, “Have you been to PEI?” I hadn’t, and no time like the present! Both kids hated the car for a very  long time. They screamed and cried driving around the block– we’d never have been able to take a […]

MTL to PEI and back. That's 30+ hours in a car with two littles (1 of 7)

MTL to PEI and back. That’s 30+ hours in a car with two littles (1 of 7)

Vacations feel like a time warp, don’t they? We seemed to have all the time in the world ahead of us, and we woke up and it was over. Before leaving for our 10-day trip to PEI, I came across this post about the difference between taking a trip and a vacation, largely depending on […]

GIVEAWAY! Visit to Santa's Village: Weekend in the Laurentians Part II

GIVEAWAY! Visit to Santa’s Village: Weekend in the Laurentians Part II

Santa’s Village (Le Village du Père Noël) is one of the coolest things we have done as a family. Last weekend was the second time we visited the village in the summer. (You can read about last year’s trip here.) Somehow, this time was even more fun. We arrived and felt instantly at peace. There […]

Visit to Pays des Merveilles: Weekend in the Laurentians Part I

Visit to Pays des Merveilles: Weekend in the Laurentians Part I

Last weekend was a big weekend. We had a lot of big plans. But life gets busy and sometimes you drop the ball. Luckily, there’s always a way to get out of a funk and we found a way to have an action-packed weekend. I’d originally wanted to plan a surprise 40th party for Papa. […]