Sep 192016

Recently, I decided to reclaim my weekends. Between teaching and learning to teach, I’d been away many, many weekends in the past few years. With Babe now in Kindergarten, it was becoming very difficult to spend as much time with my family as I wanted to.

eggs2So I’ve found myself, these days, able to sleep in to at least 7:30! I’ve found myself able to do nothing, do laundry, or go out on a family excursion. I’ve also found myself with time to cook a nice breakfast.

A family favourite is plantain pancakes Paleo Mom style. Bacon and eggs are always a hit.

I recently received the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill-Griddle to test out. It’s not something I’m going to take out on our busy bee mornings (did I mention we’re up at 6:20 now). But for our mostly chill weekends, it was perfect.

Some product features:

  • 2 dishwasher safe, PFOA free, nonstick, reversible grids
  • 2 cooking areas with adjustable heat
  • Double-sided grids offer 3 cooking options
  • Center grease channel and dishwasher safe grease tray
  • 180 sq in non-stick cooking surface

The reversible grid is my favourite feature. You can decide if you want two sides of griddle, or grill, or one of each. The machine comes with a handy guide, for which foods are better on which side, and how long the recommend you cook, and at what temperature. It’s pretty fool-proof.

We questioned the practicality of owning this grill. Would it be just another kitchen gadget? I don’t know for sure. But I feel if we make use of it on weekend mornings, it’s going to be worth it. We use the BBQ quite often in the summer, as well, so I’m planning on using this as a nice replacement for veggies, meat, whatever.

grillThis machine is convenient, but it’s not as fast as cooking in the microwave. In case that’s something you like to do. It does that some time for the grill to heat up, but it’s not a slow cooker either. It’s very similar to making bacon and eggs on the stove, plus the added option of the grill.

My husband kind of scoffed, worried clean-up was going to be difficult. Usually whoever cooks, doesn’t clean. But he was very surprised to see how easy clean up was. The drip tray catches all the mess, and washing the griddle and grill took a minute.

Being comfortable with our discomfort

Being comfortable with our discomfort

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Forget January, Autumn is the real new year!

Forget January, Autumn is the real new year!

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Jennifer Gasoi's new musical adventure. We love that Blue and Red Make Purple

Jennifer Gasoi’s new musical adventure. We love that Blue and Red Make Purple

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Speak the truth! Speak your truth!

Speak the truth! Speak your truth!

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It's about the journey, not the destination: Ice Age on Ice hits Montreal

It’s about the journey, not the destination: Ice Age on Ice hits Montreal

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