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Baby purees are easy to make. But sometimes, as parents, we run out of time and energy, right? As the exhausted yet picky mother of a 10 months old high ­needs baby, I love to know there are organic­, tasty, healthy­, Canadian puree pouches out there, that carry perfectly (no need to keep refrigerated when unopened) and are sold almost everywhere.

I love the packaging, with its vibrant colours. I appreciate the lid color code that helps picking the right pouch for every age or phase. I love the fact that these purees contain no added salt or sugar, no fillers, no thickeners. Ingredients lists are short and nutritional facts are clear (as they should both be). Packaging contains no BPA and is conveniently resealable (except for meat purees…)

Most purees contain herbs and/or spices, which is great and contributes to widening the taste possibilities for your tiny eater. We flew with the pouches and had no problem whatsoever at customs (they can even be in your carry-­on luggage). Once the pouches are open, they keep fresh in the refrigerator 2-­3 days if they have not come in contact with your baby’s saliva.

Pink lid is adapted for 6 months+. Purees are strained and velvety smooth. My picky eater loved them all. We tasted Juicy pear & garden greens (seriously delicious, I had half the pouch…), Orchard apple, carrot & prune (ideal when the tiny bowels are on strike), Banana, apple & kale blend (good). For additional proteins, we also tried Autumn pumpkin, pear & beef stew. Having my son eat meat was difficult at the beginning, but this one he loved!

Blue lid is made for 7 months+. They are still mostly strained, but the ones containing meat are not perfectly smooth. Roasted squash & fruit medley sold easily here, but he had to grow to like Black bean, sweet corn, chicken & quinoa. The veggies seem strained but the beans and quinoa are not. The texture seemed to confuse my son on my first 5­6 attempts… A little warning though, that makes him poop A LOT… remember those explosive exclusively­breastfed­baby liquid disasters that managed to run out of the diaper? Yes, those happened again…

Purple lid 8+ is for eight months+. The blends are creative, infused with herbs and spices, fragrant and funky! Old fashioned apple crisp is simply wonderful. I want that in my lunch box everyday! It is seriously flavourful and the texture is luscious… Coconut, kiwi & mangosteen with quinoa, how is that for creative? It contains dairy,but it worked really well with my dairy intolerant baby… Chicken minestrone soup worked well here also. It is strained, therefore texture adverse babies will like it. Vegetable beef & barley was a clear no-no here, as well as Fruity chicken & brown rice. It is chunks or barley or rice and strained veggies and meat. Spices are on the strong side. Fruity chicken is acidic to my own palate and the remaining pouches are likely to end up in a spaghetti sauce…

I really enjoyed Baby Gourmet and appreciated the guilt-­free feeling of giving something real good to my son AND not having to cook it myself, for a change! I recommend to stock on those and take a night off every now and then. You deserve it. It’s okay not to do everything everyday. Plus, seriously, when are you going to make a home­made mangosteen puree? 😉

Baby Gourmet will give two mamanaturale winners each a box of Summer Cherry. Enter by leaving the age of your child in the comments below. A second entry if you follow Baby Gourmet on Instagram.

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