Feb 242016

Blue Morpho is everyone’s fave, non?

Well, that’s that. I feel like an old mama. Yesterday, Babe turned five!

I won’t write in great detail how awesome she is, but she is. I brought Bug to daycare and she and I spent the whole day alone–so rare, these mommy-daughter dates, but so important.
She’s one of those kids, pretty deprived of refined sugar. Of aspartame too, for that matter. But she’s been asking for bubble gum for two years, and her birthday was the big day. She wanted it so bad that she bought it with her own money. She shared exactly half the pack with her mom, happily.

Butterfly pose, no big deal

So we blew bubbles the whole metro ride to our first stop– Les Papillons en Liberté at Espace Pour la Vie. We’ve gone as a family for the past few years and love noticing the similarities and differences. (2013) (2014) This year, they focused on caterpillars–baby butterflies! And we’re invited to see the world through the eyes of a child.

This year, there was a new caterpillar tent. A big, yellow caterpillar in the middle of the main space at the Botanical Gardens. Inside, multiple plants and caterpillars playing hide and seek!

The exhibit features about a dozen species of caterpillars and 75 species of butterflies and moths. Up to 20,000 butterflies and moths are released throughout the event and there are 1500 – 2000 flying around at any given time. We loved the presentation put on, explaining the life cycle of a monarch.


Hanging mittens on the Glove Tree outside the Botanical gardens.

We headed out about after about an hour and a half, headed to Part II of our mommy-daughter adventure. The Barbie Exhibit at Les Cours Mont-Royal, was unfortunately less of a hit. It was really amazing. I loved it. Babe was tired, had watery eyes and nose, and somehow thought there should be more than 1000 Barbies. Also, she couldn’t play with them.

We had a late lunch at the food court and dragged ourselves home and to daycare to be reunited with Bug. I’ll take her back in a few years when she can appreciate it. But honestly, I’m alright with my girl liking butterflies better than Barbie anyhow.
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